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Once you get serious about crypto it’s essential that you get serious about your personal security as well. The Lattice1 is the most secure crypto hardware wallet on the market today.

The Lattice1 gives you peace of mind when you actively use crypto every day. Its unique design focuses on the needs of DeFi users, NFT collectors, and DEX traders who do more than just HODL coins sent from centralized exchanges.

Learn more about why the Lattice1 is best way to use Ethereum, its L2s like Optimism and Polygon, as well as other EVM chains like BSC.

Manage unlimited accounts from a 5” touchscreen drawn by the secure enclave – if your phone or computer are compromised your funds will remain protected if you can easily and clearly read precisely what you’re signing on a secure screen.

Leave behind the security risk of unsecured plain text seed phrase backups on metal or paper: PIN-protected GridPlus SafeCards can be used to back up your accounts or as totally separate wallets you can switch to in seconds.  

Terms and Conditions
  • GridPlus does not store your personal data. We use Shopify for generating shipping labels and customs forms then process a customer data deletion request once your order is complete.
  • One redemption per user.
  • GrudPlus Terms of Sale  

GridPlus is the new standard in blockchain hardware security.

Learn more at, check out our new video tutorial series on YouTube, and join us on Discord to speak to the team and ask questions!

400 Candies
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