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CoinGecko Yield Farmer NFT - Edition One (4 variations)
Valid until 19 October 2020
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Calling all humble & hardworking Yield Farmers - you're looking at the first edition of our Yield Farming NFTs, featuring 4 different variations!

This is a limited edition NFT with only 500 minted for each and claimants are randomly assigned one of four possible variations. To claim this NFT:

Terms and Conditions
  • Each user may redeem multiple copies of the NFT, but there is no guarantee that there will not be duplicates as the NFTs are randomized.
  • Redeemer must provide a valid Ethereum address (0x....). 
  • Edition 1 of CoinGecko Yield Farmer NFT (with 4 variations) are all NFTs issued by the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP).

POAP allows humans to collect badges (in the form of non fungible tokens, NFTs) every time they participate in an activity, in person or remotely. Read more:

600 Candies
0 Left