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kucoin token  (KCS)

KuCoin Token (KCS)

$16.00 7.2%
0.00042971 BTC 1.0%
0.00648264 ETH 0.4%
47,350 شخص أعجبهم هذا
نطاق 24 ساعة
القيمة السوقية $1,222,023,160
حجم التداول على مدار 24 ساعة $15,601,057
المعروض المتداول 76,429,661
إجمالي المعروض 166,429,661
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KuCoin Token (KCS) مخطط الأسعار

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1 ساعة
24 ساعة
7 أيام
30 يومًا

KCS السعر وإحصائيات السوق

KCS سعر $16.00
القيمة السوقية $1,222,023,160
سيطرة رسملة السوق 0.07%
حجم التداول $15,601,057
الحجم / القيمة السوقية 0.0128
24 ساعة منخفضة / 24 ساعة عالية $14.93 / $16.09
7d منخفض / 7d مرتفع $13.80 / $20.98
تصنيف القيمة السوقية #80
رقم قياسي $28.83 -44.5%
Dec 01, 2021 (حوالي شهران)
انخفاض قياسي $0.342863 4563.3%
Feb 07, 2019 (ما يقرب من 3 سنوات)

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KuCoin Token السعر وبيانات السوق

KuCoin Token سعر اليوم هو $16.00 مع حجم التداول على مدار 24 ساعة من $15,601,057 .ارتفع السعر بمقدار 7.2% في آخر 24 ساعة.لها معروض متداول قدره 76 مليون عملة وأقصى معروض قدره 166 مليون عملة.KuCoin هو أكثر الأسواق نشاطًا من حيث التداول في الوقت الحالي.

KuCoin is an international cryptocurrency exchange based out of Seychelle that currently supports the trading of 250 digital assets. What’s unique about KuCoin is that they share 50% of their overall trading fee revenue with users holding their exchange-based token. In a similar fashion to Binance, KuCoin offers relatively low tradings fees and incentives for holding (or trading) its native cryptocurrency. Back in 2011, the founders started researching blockchain tech and went further to build the technical architecture for KuCoin in 2013. 4 years later, the exchange launched with the ultimate goal of “becoming one of the top 10 worldwide hottest exchange platform[s]” by 2019.

As stated on their official website which lists 12 core members, “Kucoin aims at providing users digital asset transaction and exchange services which are even more safe and convenient, integrating premium assets worldwide, and constructing state of the art transaction platform”. CEO and founder, Michael Gam, is a former technical expert at Ant Financial, an affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group. He was also a senior partner at Internet giants like MikeCRM and KF5.COM. OO, Eric Don, is referred to as a “senior Internet researcher, systems architect, and Internet industry star”. He is also stated to be the CTO and senior partner of IT companies including YOULIN.COM, KITEME, and REINOT. However, it’s unclear if these websites actually exist as they did not show in a Google search or when entering the website domains. According to his LinkedIn, he is currently CTO at Youlin Network Technologies, yet there is no mention of KITEME or REINOT.

With its growing user base and increasing number of cryptocurrencies being offered, KuCoin may be set up for a strong run in the markets. KuCoin Shares volume is expected to grow as the daily trading volume on KuCoin, hence, trading fees collection grows & thus, the size of dividend payout grows. This can lure investors to hold KCS token which may even increase its value. KuCoin faces stiff competition from OKEx, but it expects to continue to grow its community exponentially as it is being projected to be one among the top 5 exchanges in the world.

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