Rank #958
1,255 شخص أعجبهم هذا
spacechain (erc-20)  (SPC)
SpaceChain (ERC-20) (SPC)
DOT0.00107539 -8.5%
0.00000070 BTC 1.2%
0.00001022 ETH 3.2%
1,255 شخص أعجبهم هذا
24H Range
القيمة السوقية DOT432,790.55705252
حجم التداول على مدار 24 ساعة DOT4,514.73721059
المعروض المتداول 406,294,238
Total Supply 607,509,341
الحد الأقصى من المعروض ?
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SpaceChain (ERC-20) to DOT Chart

سعر تحويل SpaceChain (ERC-20) إلى DOT اليوم هو DOT0.00107539. لها عرض متداول حالي بقيمة 406 مليون عملة وحجم تداول إجمالي قدره DOT4,514.73721059

1 س
24 ساعة
7 أيام
30 يومًا

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Where can I buy and sell SpaceChain (ERC-20)?

SpaceChain (ERC-20) has a global 24-hour trading volume of DOT4,514.73721059. SpaceChain (ERC-20) can be traded across 11 different markets (full list) and is most actively traded in Uniswap (v2). Read more about SpaceChain (ERC-20).

7-day price history of SpaceChain (ERC-20) (SPC) to DOT

Compare the price & changes of SpaceChain (ERC-20) in DOT for the week.
Date Day of the week 1 SPC to DOT 24hr Changes Change %
September 21, 2021 Tuesday DOT0.00107539 DOT0.00010146 10.4%
September 20, 2021 Monday DOT0.00097393 DOT0.00002371 2.5%
September 19, 2021 Sunday DOT0.00095022 -DOT0.00006812 -6.7%
September 18, 2021 Saturday DOT0.00101834 DOT0.00004176 4.3%
September 17, 2021 Friday DOT0.00097658 DOT0.00000882 0.9%
September 16, 2021 Thursday DOT0.00096776 DOT0.00006756 7.5%
September 15, 2021 Wednesday DOT0.00090020 -DOT0.00006260 -6.5%
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