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RT: SmartCash is on about 1/12th of the block rewards that were at the time of launch. Comparing to BTC that is at 1/8th the rewards at launch. Thus SmartCash is a more scarce coin, while its was launched only in 2017.

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Rubric: Ecological holidays and animal days
The second Sunday of July in Russia is also the day of action against fishing.
The decision to hold this day was made in 2003 by the participants of the Second All-Russian Congress of Animal Rights Defenders.
More info and video

Make Cardano better through “Cardano Improvement Proposals” — CIPs

Join us in making Cardano better through Cardano Improvement Proposals.
Cardano is on a constant journey of never-ending improvements, and true to our open-source ideals, we expect many of those improvements to come from members of our community like you.

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One of QuarkChain community members has finally achieved 1,000,000 TPS🔥 To explore the new height of blockchain performance and let more blockchain enthusiasts participate in blockchain systems design, we will hold the 3rd TPS competition in 2020 Q4!

Reminder: BANANO Cooking Contest Ending Soon!
Show your cooking skills and win your share of 100k BANANO!

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UPDATE: ARK Desktop Wallet v2.9.3 is now available. This version has changed the send modal to be more intuitive, fixed the URI scheme and the initialization loading screen freeze.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Join Qtum & CoinDCX tomorrow, July 10th, for an AMA on Telegram.

New Dating App Partner Coming to MITH
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$NIM price reached ATH today!

What better way to celebrate than joining #Nimiq community DJ in his turntable session!

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Go Nimiq!

Ever heard of Private Proof-of-Stake? Well, here it is! Read the article on Proof-of-Blind Bid, and learn how Block Generators retain their anonymity in the Dusk Network consensus.

The article eases into the topic, and becomes increasingly technical. For those eager to dive into the code, at the end of the article you’ll find the demo video embedded.

Hey everyone! We told you we were just getting started! 🎉

We're now adding support for Latin American currencies such as $BRL, $MXN, $ARS, $DOP, and $CLP so that even more businesses can get access to the power of crypto.

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We want to thank #Doge for starting the #Altseason,
So we would like to #Reward 1 lucky person with 1000 #Dogecoin 🐶

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Team BitBall

🚀 Band Protocol has strategically partnered with Satang to enable the first fiat-pair support for $BAND through their financial bank integrations and e-commerce management platform.
✅ BAND/THB trading is now live!

- founded by Poramin Insom (founder of Zcoin)
- ISO 27001:2013 certified
- integrated with Binance

Announcement 👉
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🎯IQeon development report for the period from June 5 to July 8

✅Optimized section with tasks of the new reward system
✅Enhanced user data protection
✅Fixed bugs
✅Continuation of Quiz questions compilation

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#Ontology is very excited🤩 to work with @PoL_techtec to contribute to the #Japanese #blockchain community. Pol curriculums add great values to both blockchain platforms & users, offering opportunities to learn blockchain tech & its real-world application.

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#DOGE +63.85%
#BAND +21.9%
#QTUM +13.87%

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