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    7 Interesting Crypto Websites That Are Perfect for Those Boring Days

    Daryl Lau July 27, 2018 - Posted by Daryl Lau on Guides

    Tired of spending your time obsessively watching price movements, going through ICO whitepapers, and keeping up with all the latest developments on Twitter and Telegram? While important, we all need a break from the ‘serious’ side of crypto once in a while. And these seven websites are just what you need to give you a break from the serious business of crypto.

    1. If You Had Bought Crypto

    Ever wondered how rich you would be if you had invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin on the day they launched, or all those times you talked about it? You may need to sit down. This website has a wide range of cryptocurrencies that you can choose from to see your potential gains had you decided to invest in cryptocurrencies when you first thought about it. It’s basically the ultimate FOMO website.

    2. Bitcoin Instead

    What if instead of buying that latest smartphone, you had invested that money into Bitcoin? How much would that Bitcoin be worth today?  This website will show you exactly how much you would have made had you done so. The site assumes an unlocked and off-contract phone and uses the launch date of the phone as date of your Bitcoin investment.

    The website also has a sister site, InvestedInstead.com where you can see how you would have fared if you invested in the company instead of buying the product. Again, these are all websites that will definitely give you FOMO, so don’t make any rash investment decisions after viewing them.

    3. Cryptflix

    Think Netflix but for blockchain, and you have CryptFlix. CryptFlix was founded by cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wanted to educate people about cryptocurrency in a fun and entertaining way. Instead of spending hours reading through whitepapers and technical papers, you can watch an entire catalogue of videos dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies on Cryptflix. Perfect for binge watchers who also want to learn something.

    4. Cryptofeels

    A price ticker website that plays tunes in accordance to the price movement. It pulls the data from Cryptowatch which is a cryptocurrency charting and trading platform owned by Kraken. We don’t suggest visiting this site during any bear market due to the risk of depression and melancholia. As the site tagline proclaims, this website will hit any crypto investor right in the feels.

    5. ATHDA

    ATHDA stands for “All Time High’s Days Ago” of cryptocurrencies. It’s a pretty neat website that tells you the all-time high price of a coin, how long ago that price was hit, and how much the price would have to increase to once again reach its all-time high. Perfect for those Hodlers who need another reason to stay strong and keep hodling!

    CoinGecko has also launched their own ATH Tracker which tracks the price drop since all-time-high. It's definitely not for the faint of heart to look at!

    6. Crypto-to-Lambo

    Have you always wanted to own a Lamborghini? Have you ever wondered just how far you are from owning your very own Lamborghini from your crypto investments? Well, wonder no more because this website calculates just how close you are to owning a Lamborghini based on the value of your coins.

    7. TxStreet

    TxStreet.com is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) live transaction visualizer inspired by txhighway.com. This website helps users understand mempool and block size in an easy way.

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