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    8 Crypto Black Friday Deals You Must Not Miss - 2019

    Kristian Kho November 30, 2019 - Posted by Kristian Kho on Guides

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    It’s that time of the year again where some of our readers must (again) find an answer to their aunt’s “How is your Bitcoin thing doing now?” question.

    For the rest of us who are missing out on all the family dramas of Thanksgiving, worry not, there are plenty of reasons to smile too.

    From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, there are plenty of deals to make you smile.

    Here are some deals you must not miss out on.

    1. Proton Mail & ProtonVPN (Up to 50% Off)

    ProtonMail is an open sourced end-to-end encrypted email service that was literally born out of the Swiss Nuclear Research Center. While not strictly a cryptocurrency related company, the ethos of privacy and “don’t trust, verify” culture  is apparent in their company culture.

    In fact, ProtonMail's co-founder Andy Yen even said: “One of our goals is actually to build a system that does not require trusting us.” in an interview. 

    Did you also know that they also accept cold hard cryptocurrency? They will even HODL them for you.

    From Black Friday until December 8th, everyone can enjoy up to 50% off on ProtonMail Plus, ProtonVPN Plus, or both. 

    2. Trezor (30% Off)

    Not your keys, not your coins. If you haven’t owned a hardware wallet yet, perhaps this deal will help you consider owning one.

    The deal is closing fast, so act now if you’ve been waiting to own a Trezor.

    Make sure to apply the code “TRZR30” upon checkout at https://shop.trezor.io/. US and EU residences will also enjoy free shipment.

    3. Ledger (30% Off sitewide)

    Ledger is also offering 30% off all sitewide purchase. Similar to Trezor, this deal also lasts until Cyber Monday.

    Unlike Trezor, however, Ledgor offers free shipping globally. This might be a sweeter deal for those who are not residing in the US or EU region.

    The discounts will already be applied as soon as you enter the website through this link.

    4. KeepKey ($5 Deal) 

    Did you miss the Black Friday $5 KeepKey deal?

    Worry not, the team at Shapeshift (who owns KeepKey) has promised another round of insane discounts on the hardware wallet by popular demand. You can sign up here to receive the update as soon as the deal comes back.

    Meanwhile, if you are not willing to wait for the deal, there is a $50 off the hardware wallet right now. That is still an amazing 60% Discount that you should not miss!

    Update: KeepKey's $5 Deal now available throughout Cyber Monday! Grab them while supplies last.

    5. CasaHodl ($100 Off Casa Gold Package)


    This is your chance to run your very own pre-built Bitcoin Node courtesy of Casa.

    With this Black Friday deal, you will be able to own a Casa Node 2, Basic Multisig with Keymaster, a Trezor One, and a Faraday Bag. Casa is working hard to make it possible for the everyday person to have full control of their bitcoin with as little learning curve as possible.

    This deal only lasts until November 30th, but stay tuned for deals that may come up on CyberMonday.

    Check out the deal here.

    6. Billfodl (Buy 2 at 25% Off)

     Writing your private keys on a piece of paper was never a good practice. With durable steel plated mnemonic seed notes, you can be rest assured that no accidents will destroy your cold wallet seeds.

    Head to Billfodl’s website and buy any Billfodl product to get the second one half off. Shoppers who purchased $140 USD worth of Billfodl’s product will also enjoy free shipping option globally.

    7. OpenDime and ColdCard Wallet

    The maker of “The Bitcoin Stick” OpenDime and Coldcard Hardwallet offered 20% Sitewide discount on their store for 7 days, which has ended by the time we wrote this. 

    If you have missed the first deal, sweat not, they have also promised another round of discounts. Stay tuned for more news!

    8. CoboWallet (20% Sitewide)

     The acclaimed world’s first military-grade hardware wallet manufacturers is offering 20% off all sidwide purchase of Cobo products.

    Simply enter the coupon code “TGIBF” to apply the discounts upon checkout.

    This deal is expiring fast! The code will only remain applicable until CyberMonday, and is their ONLY sales event of the year. 

    Head over to their website to grab this deal. 

    Ending Thoughts

    If you have been holding back on buying yourselves some crypto gears. This is the perfect time to equip yourselves at a fraction of the original cost.

    It is never too expensive to safeguard your cryptocurrencies, as the saying goes: “contingencies are useless until it is not”. 

    After all that is said, we are CoinGecko would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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