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    CoinGecko Virtual Meetup Featured Guest: Cooper Turley (Community Lead of Audius)

    Jolene Tan September 21, 2020 - Posted by Jolene Tan on Coverage

    CoinGecko will be hosting our Virtual Meetup #6 this coming Tuesday, September 22 @ 10AM EST. Held monthly, CoinGecko Virtual Meetup is our live online community event where we explore different key topics in the crypto sphere and invite industry leaders to share their two satoshis.

    This month, we will be exploring the rise of social token and one of our featured guests is Cooper Turley, Community Lead of Audius. Read on to learn more about him.

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

    I am a prolific member of the Ethereum community. I have an active role as a journalist specializing in the DeFi and DAO sectors which has given me a front row seat to the progression of governance, liquidity mining and the formation of the Ownership Economy.

    I am a community lead at Audius, the editor of DeFi Rate, an active contributor to The Defiant and Bankless, an advisor to Fair Launch Capital and a member of MetaCartel, MetaCartel Ventures and Raid Guild.

    Recently, I started the Personal Token Agency, a management collective focused on creating social tokens standards, starting with three high profile social tokens, $ALEX, $JAMM and $COIN.

    2. Share with us more about your role in Audius?

    I am leading the rollout of Audius native token for the fortcoming coming mainnet launch, designing systems to distribute power into the hands of the platforms most value-added users.

    With 600k monthly active users, Audius and it’s unstoppable streaming protocol have become a leading venue to bring DeFi primitives to an entirely new audience in a unique and engaging fashion.

    3. What project(s) are you up to lately?

    I am currently working with a suite of creators on the rollout of new social tokens, including platforms for issuance, tools for distribution and incentives for growth.

    I am also an advisor to the Seed Club - an incubator for social tokens and Forefront - a media aggregator for all things social tokens.

    4. Can you briefly explain what are your thoughts on Social Tokens?

    Social tokens create new paradigms for brands to better engage their most value added consumers. Whether it be through tiered token access, income sharing agreements, or access to new web3-native products, social tokens as an asset class are the most scalable form of tokenization the industry has seen to date.

    I believe that the concept of social tokens are more scalable than DeFi.

    Join us at CoinGecko Virtual Meetup Tuesday (22 September 2020) to learn more about the rise of Social Token. 

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