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    Ethereum Price at All-Time High Following the US SEC's Decision on an Ethereum ETF

    CoinGecko April 29, 2017 - Posted by CoinGecko on Coverage

    Ethereum price peaked at an all-time high of $73 yesterday (April 28, 2017). Ethereum is currently trading at $70.07 equivalent to about ฿0.053.

    The Ethereum price surge is theorized to be based on the market excitement around the US Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC) decision to consider approval for an Ethereum ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). This is a really big deal as an ETF will improve the vibrancy of the market and improve trading volume.

    Whether the Ethereum ETF will wind up with the same fate as the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, this however would still mark as a major progress for the relatively new cryptocurrency.

    The US SEC is currently gathering comments and feedback on the next step regarding the ETF.

    Most of the cryptocurrencies were trading firmly in green on Saturday (April 29, 2017). With the price of Ripple gained 30% and the price of Dash gained 17%.

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