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How to "Stack Sats" with LNTXBot

by Johnson Lai -

Heard of Lightning Network on Bitcoin but didn’t have the opportunity to try it out? 
Now you can easily earn some satoshis through Lightning Network with lntxbot!

A satoshi is the smallest unit of account on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 1 bitcoin consists of 100 million (100,000,000) satoshi. Satoshis on the Lightning Network are perfect for making small payment with instant transaction. We use will the term “sats” instead of satoshi throughout this post.

"Stacking Sats" is a term used to refer the habit of obtaining small amounts of sats and regularly either thorugh trading or earning. In this case, we are stacking sats by way of earning.

In this tutorial, I will walkthrough how you can setup your lightning wallet easily with Bluewallet and start stacking sats with lntxbot!

Watch ads and earn crypto? What year am I in? (Image Credit)

What is Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is a layer built on top of the Bitcoin network to allow fast and cheap transaction. For more information about what the Lightning Network is, we recommend Jameson Lopp's comprehensive cruation of online resource here.


What is LNTXBot?


@lntxbot (Image Source)

lntxbot is a telegram bot that brings Lightning Network capability to the next level. Lntxbot brings the functionality to the messaging app so that you can:

  • Post ads with lightning wallet
  • Receive ads with lightning wallet
  • Make payment with lightning wallet 
  • Tipping
  • Pay and Receive Lightning invoices
  • Create a paywall link

Buying Beer with LNTXBot!



  1. Download Telegram and send a message to @lntxbot

    @lntxbot telegram profile

  2. Download Bluewallet and send /bluewallet to the bot to generate a lightning wallet address. Copy the key in the telegram message.
  3. In Bluewallet, create a new wallet and choose “Lightning” and tap on import wallet. In the textbox, paste the keys that you got from lntxbot.

    BlueWallet Create Wallet Screen
  4. (Optional) Use command /sats4ads_on_15 to start receiving ads with the rate of 15 msats per character of the ads.

Ads received = sats earned!

Done! Now you are able to start stacking some sats by just receiving ads!


  • Lightning network is still in experimental stages, funds may be potentially be lost due to bugs and errors. Use it with care.
  • lntxbot is a custodial wallet. This means lntxbot have access to the sats that you hold in the address. It’s advisable to transfer your sats to a new lightning address that you have control. 
Johnson Lai

Johnson Lai

Software Engineer at CoinGecko. In his free time, Johnson works on side projects around blockchain, mobile app, web and electronics. Follow the author on Twitter @jlwhoo7

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