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    Planning the Perfect Bitcoin Valentine’s Day

    CoinGecko February 12, 2015 - Posted by CoinGecko on Guides

    Valentine’s Day is coming this Saturday and if you are a last minute person and have yet to make any plans, fret not. We have over here a simple last-minute plan to make this special day a 100% memorable Bitcoin V-Day for you and your partner.

    1. Book a flight on Btctrip

    We know it’s pretty late but if you are adventurous, you should totally book a last minute flight for the perfect weekend getaway on What better way to spend the cold winter Valentine’s Day than to head to somewhere warm with your special one.

    2. Book a hotel on Expedia

    You would definitely need a nice good hotel for the weekend whether you choose to go on a trip or not. Either way, go book a nice place to spend your weekend with bitcoin on Expedia.

    3. Buy a flower on BloomNation

    This goes without saying. Don’t forget to get roses for your special one at BloomNation.

    4. Buy a gift from Overstock

    Choose something nice from Overstock. Don’t know what to choose? We find the Overstock Valentine’s Gift Finder such a good wizard to reduce the gift options.

    5. Buy a Spafinder gift card on Gyft

    We think that a nice way to end the evening will be with a nice relaxing spa. Get a gift card from Gyft using your bitcoin and redeem it on Valentine’s Day.

    What do you think of this simple V-day plan? Did we miss out any interesting ideas? Let us know if you have other romantic ideas on how you can show your love to your special one while also spending bitcoin on the special day! We are looking forward to reading your comments below.

    Photo Credit: Larry W. Lo


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