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    Transmission 39 - IOCOIN, Proof of Stake and Altcoins

    Bobby Ong July 06, 2015 - Posted by Bobby Ong on Coverage

    Transmission is a weekly cryptocurrency show hosted by Theo Goodman. In this week's episode #39, Theo invited the following 3 guests from I/O Coin to talk about their cryptocurrency: 

    a) Joel Bosch - I/O Coin Founder
    b) Michael Groen - I/O Digital Community & Investor Relations
    b) Richard 

    The main theme in this week's episode involves the motivation of the I/O Coin team in creating another altcoin. I/OCoin was launched in July 2014. It features a one of a kind HTML5 wallet and alias system that makes it easy to send coins to people. I/OCoin is a Proof-of-Stake coin where coin holders can earn more coins by running a node with coins in their wallet and at the same time help secure the network.

    Theo and the others also discussed the reasons why I/O Coin used Proof-of-Stake (PoS) instead of Proof of Work (PoW). They also talked about the merits and risks of PoS, the I/O Digital Block apps on the "DIONS" Chain and other features of I/O Coin such as the alias system, voucher system, HTML5 wallet and merchant module contained in the wallet.

    They also talked about upcoming apps which include decentralized instant messages and micro blogs. Project Chameleon will open Ripple-like gateways to make it easier for people to get into cryptocurrencies.

    Some notable quotes from this week's episode:

    The flaws with a lot of coins is that if they introduce a new techonology it is hard to get people to acually use it.

    -Michael Groen when asked for the reasons why apps and features are added as they did to I/O Coin.


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