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BeeHive 1.0.5 is now live.

This release fixes encrypted chat glitches and slowdowns.

Give it a try (PAND) Token Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from auto staking and deflation of cryptocurrency 🐼
#PAND #PandaFinance #token #deflationary #staking #crypto (PAND) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Benefit from auto staking and deflation of cryptocurrency 🐼
#PAND #PandaFinance #token #deflationary #staking #crypto

🗳 Proposal #7's Voting Phase Initiated 🗳

The first-ever on-chain voting period for a Particl CCS proposal has just started now. **The voting period of Proposal #7 will last for a duration of 5,040 blocks and will end on block 941,167**.

If you haven't already started to cast your vote, do so as fast as possible by following the instructions provided in this Particl News blog post.


$COLX Trading Competition:
1M $COLX + $500 To Be Won!

Calling all traders, to celebrate the listing of $COLX on for a chance to win prizes!

More Info 🖥:

Support our development by signing up here 💚:

Join our partners at Major League Hacking for a free blockchain workshop to learn how to make custom transactions and build a blockchain business! This Friday, May 14th at 5AM EDT.

🔥IQeon CMO will take part in the international online event Open Web Community Summit 2021!

On May 14, the founders and developers of well-known platforms, as well as artists and supporters of digitalization, will share their experience of interacting with non-fungible and social tokens, as well as decentralized autonomous organizations, and will discuss the prospects for virtual worlds and social tokenomics development. It will be interesting😉

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1/2 AUXL airdrop Telegram bot is offline. However, we've all data.

When the mobile wallet launches (running Beta test soon - with a selection of AUX community members) we'll share a form where you can insert your Telegram username and AUX mobile address.
All will be good! ✨

2/2 We also have the list of top referrals. We still need to verify this list, but for now the list looks as following.

1) CryptoAirdropsTeam, 2) hangingbanana, 3) airdropthomas, 4) Riannetking, 5) NewBlocks_Mined

⚙️IQeon development report for the period from April 14 to May 11, 2021

🔺Improved user data protection
🔺Optimized the speed of loading pages on website
🔺Localized blocks of the gaming platform into Chinese
🔺Improved algorithm of the Telegram bot, which accrues bonus IQN

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LikeCoin | April Newsletter | ISCN, an immutable content registry is coming to the LikeCoin chain

Imagine it is the ISBN for digital content. ISCN (International Standard Content Number) is a decentralized content registry. It is a comprehensive metadata framework that can facilitate content registrations, licensing, and monetization for all media types.

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The DigiByte team is pleased to release DigiByte v7.17.3! This release resolves the underlying Unit Tests and provides a solid foundation for the upcoming version 8 release. No fork / consensus changes here. Upgrading 100% optional.

ARK is now available on WazirX exchange, India's largest exchange with USDT and INR pairings. Recently ARK was also added to LetsExchange, an exchange aggregator enabling swaps between multiple cryptocurrencies. You can read more at these links.

The new mandatory Veil Core wallet v1.2.1 is now available. We strongly recommend updating ASAP, and not to wait until the protocol enforcement fork date of May 16, 2021.

Please refrain from trading on exchanges that have not updated to v1.2.1.

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Another week, another batch of exciting developments🥳

- Li Jun published an opinion piece in #Forbes
- #ONTO Wallet announced a partnership with #bloXrouteLabs
- #Wing Finance is preparing to launch on #OKExChain

Learn more👇 $ONT $WING #DID

Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Unlock the biggest sports community's advantages ⚽
#MUFC #manchesterunited #token #NFT #cryptocurrency

It's happening!

Decred v1.6.3 is here, now with an initial #DCRDEX integration right into our GUI wallet Decrediton.

Users will be able to enjoy an experience that allows for non-custodial exchange of assets, and no trading fees.

April Decred Journal is out!

Check out the detailed report on development, network and social stats, ecosystem growth and new media content.

Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 Unlock the biggest sports community's advantages ⚽
#MUFC #manchesterunited #token #NFT #cryptocurrency

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