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A digital ledger where data is recorded in a chronological order. In Bitcoin's case, it is a decentralized, public ledger which contains transactional information. Users can verify that transactions have occured simply by looking at the data that is publicized on the Bitcoin network. In a blockchain, the next piece of information that will be added is always linked to a previous, already confirmed information of the blockchain through the use of a hash which describes the past content. With the hash, every block of information in a blockchain becomes referenced with one another, and cannot be easily swapped out, thereby qualifying as an immutable ledger.

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Verwandte Begriffe

Someone who holds an enormous amount of cryptocurrency and has the ability to wave the market
A unit of measurement of the computational effort in conducting transactions or smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.
Hot Wallet
It is a tool that store your cryptocurrencies and always connected to internet
Soft Fork
A backward-compatible update to a decentralized blockchain protocol.
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