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Augmented Reality

"About Worldopo
Main features of the game:

- Virtual Mining Opportunity
- Tradable hexogons inside and outside the game
- Collectible and limited game items
- Objects tokenization protocol inside the game
- All game assets inside the game can be tradable on external game exchanges


Worldopo is the world’s first mobile game combining AR, AI, Geolocation and Blockchain-technology. Players can buy plants (hexagons), build houses, factories and mining farms, customize their properties and interact with other players. Furthermore, implementing Blockchain in compelling gameplay with strong mainstream appeal provides an ideal environment to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in a risk-free manner. The best thing: after years of development is that we have a working prototype that already avialable on Google Play and Apple Store.

RTS + AR + AI + geolocation = endless opportunities

Players are finally freed from the limitations of the screens on their mobile devises. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Geolocation makes it possible to actually “see” one’s in-game progress and interact with other players in real life. The introduction of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes positioning of large objects more precise than ever before.


By using google maps as the base of the game world, players have access to real world map. We divided all world on 11,62,681,248,842 hexagons. The introduction of its own cryptocurrency WPT as well as a platform to trade properties, makes Worldopo also a complex economic simulation. Finally, players can earn crypto while playing.


Players can form or join clans, finance unique projects together, raid other players, trade their properties, buy plants(hexagons), houses, factories, minig farms and items from other players. More than 150 different features make Worldopolo unique in mobile gaming.


Advantages of Blockchain-based games

We can list for a long time the advantages we found and what we integrated to Worldopo, so let’s see the most significant things in our opinion.

Ownership – players have real ownership for items and in-game currencies. As soon as something is bought, exchanged or sold, the record about transaction saves forever and it cannot be hacked. All your digital purchases will be really yours, and useful outside the game. Your game money can be stored on your wallet next to real money or other altcoins.

Valuable items are truly valuable – item value heavily depends on its uniqueness in lots of games, for example, Diablo game series. Here the item’s value is backed up also by tokenization, and its exchange or sale for both players is a real deal. Here you can conclude great deal, or not so good one (for example, selling a really valuable item (building, hexagons, etc.) for a cheap price and then watch as someone sells it in 10 times expensively.

Unique items are truly unique – the uniqueness of anything both in real and virtual worlds today provides a triple price at the expense of the fact itself, and sometimes it is very difficult to ascertain the true uniqueness of the item. It is especially acute while buying – or exchanging the same item.

Decentralized gaming economy – blockchain creates a direct connection between developers and players in games and any other developments. Players can monetize their progress, skills and accumulated property.

Transparent exchange of items – this is all about safe transactions and confirmations when the ownership of item is going to be changed.

Game Mining Pool

The base pool for mining is 30,000,000 million tokens. In the game, each type of farm works with its own mining pool and with its production rate which depends on different parameters.

Gameplay with Hexagons

Hexagons - this is a plot of land on a real world map with reference to real coordinates. Features for hexagons:
Tradable - has a base price, wich grows with every hexagon sold.
Address - every hexagon has its own address, and they stored as state of the world in blockchain.
Resources - its each hex has its own resource: qubit, cash, brain.
Life Quality - a dynamic characteristic, wich plays a role in the Hexagon's profit (production rate of the factories or farm that builded on hex)
Customisable - every hexagon can be decorated.

Objects tokenization protocol

Inside the game every game asset can be tokenized. Tokenization of game values helps to raise their cost, each building can be tokenized in the game. Tokenized buildings can be traded at an auction.

Worldopo Token
What is Worldopo/Worldopo Token?

The Worldopo Token (WPT) is the in-game hard currency that exists along with other resources: qubit, cash, brain etc... All transactions with WPT will occur through blockchain technology all micro-transactions will occur through off-chain transaction model. Worldopo economic system is based on blockchain technology in order to ensure transactions transparency and to protect users from fraudulent activities with in-game currency.

Worldopo token (WPT) can be mined inside the game from mining pool.

How does Worldopo/Worldopo Token work ?

Users can use WPT tokens to purchase the project’s main estimated local currency called Coins.

Auctions will be implemented as a feature to sell in-game items. As a currency of sale, they can choose any of the

three domestic currencies, including WPT tokens.

The game will offer the possibility to place ads on player-owned objects which can be purchased using WPT tokens.

It is planned to make competitions and unique events, which may include the need to use WPT tokens (for example, the purchase of a unique building, released for sale as part of a temporary event, etc.) WPT-tokens will subsequently allow users to exchange on-site resources an in-game currency for real money. Access to additional functionality - use advanced game functions and open hidden locations

Why is Worldopo (WPT) Token interesting?

What value does it give to the (blockchain) economy?

The main economic model of the game consists of its utility token. The model commands a consitently high turnover of the token in the game, which allows for a smaller amount of tokens on the market.

Thanks to Blockchain hours of gaming will not go to waste: The game’s economy allows you to use your virtual achievements for real things, transparently monitor who owns what and all that while not having to care about security or transparency issues. All game assets can be tokenized and then tradable inside the game and on an external exchange (like opskin)

Obtaining WPT in the game can be compared to mining in the real world, as an alternative to virtual proof of work.

Future emissions will only be conducted to guarantee affordability for players and keep the price stable.

The virtual currency has a value and is influenced by pricing factors.

Integration of the blockchain into the gaming industry is the best way to identify and solve the network bandwidth problems. Since games, in contrast to the fintech sectors, require high load support and a large number of transactions. The game will implement a platform for the implementation of the economic model of the game.

Anything else investors should know?

The market of games is one of the largest and steadily growing. 6,2% market growth 2016 - 2020 the yearly turnover will generate $ 128.5 billion. Consolidation of different technologies gives the game the opportunity to reach into several segments of the market.

The main economic model of the game consists of its utility token. The model commands a consitently high turnover of the token in the game, which allows for a smaller amount of tokens on the market."

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