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DigitalNote (Beam Updates)

3,000,000,000 XDN "burned" - A #DigitalNote community update regarding the end of the swap period 🎉

Right Now, it is on -->>> 2 NEW exchanges that have listed XDN this week: We would appreciate you using our Discord to get to get official links to sign up an account. Please note that these are referral links and the team will be really pleased if you use our links to help fund buy backs and other expenses to grow XDN. and

UPDATE: @everyone --- We have now done our part in submitting the swapped coins to HitBTC to conclude the swap. This is great news for our community and we are delighted that HitBTC have looked after their trading community. As soon as HitBTC are ready, they will announce this. You heard it first on XDN!

The #DigitalNote 2.0 swapbot is now LIVE! Users may now convert their legacy (old chain) $XDN to the upgraded chain XDN 2.0 ! Join our Discord ( to complete the swap and read the guide to get started! 🚀