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Beam Updates

Notifications directly from project teams.

ENJ has officially landed in Japan on Coincheck exchange! https://coincheck.com/cn/exchange/charts/coincheck/enj_jpy/3600

Ethereum Game Hides Almost $1 Million in Crypto Bounties: https://cryptobriefing.com/ethereum-game-hides-almost-1-million-crypto-bounties/

Beam 2021 Week #4 - Proof of Community!

Following on from the weekend's 2021 roadmap update community call, the recorded event is now on BeamTV to watch back! Check this week's newsletter for more... much much more!


Team Beam

Today we are happy to announce our ongoing collaboration with Axie Infinity! A great blockchain game with a strong community.

Join RiveMont Bounty 🎁
👉 https://tokpie.io/blog/join-rivemont-bounty-earn-rvmt-eth-usdc/
#DeFi #bounty #RVMT #ETH #USDC #TKP #earnmoneyonline #earncrypto

🚨 Particl Core and Now Available 🚨

Particl Core and (pre-release) are now available on mainnet and you can install them today 🎉

✅ 32bit builds are back.
✅ All 0.20 and 0.21 #Bitcoin improvements included.
✅ Taproot readiness
✅ Minor bug and issue fixes.

Find out all of the details in the release blog post!

👉 https://particl.news/particl-core-0-19-2-3-and-0-21-0-1-releases-now/

Introducing NFT.io: An upcoming marketplace built to enable blockchain economies of the future, powered by Efinity. Scalable blockchain infrastructure, next-gen token functionality, zero-fee minting, new tokenomics, instant transactions, and more. Learn more: https://nft.io

We're pleased to announce that Decred v1.6 has been released.

Now with:

🪙 A new consensus vote to decentralize the Decred Treasury.
🎟️ Streamlined and private staking.
🔒 Private transactions in Decrediton.
⚡️ Lightning Network integration.


Join RiveMont Bounty 🎁
👉 https://tokpie.io/blog/join-rivemont-bounty-earn-rvmt-eth-usdc/
#DeFi #bounty #RVMT #ETH #USDC #TKP #earnmoneyonline #earncrypto

💥Dusk Network AMA in Elrond community

Wondering what the Elrond-Dusk partnership entails? Join co-founders Emanuele, Pascal & Mels in tomorrow’s public AMA, hosted by Elrond. The floor will be open to all questions from those attending.

🕑 Tuesday, January 26th, 16.00 UTC
➡️ t.me/ElrondNetwork

We previously announced our collaboration with Elrond to enable compliant and privacy-preserved enterprise use-cases at an internet-scale.
👉 dusk.network/news/elrond-dusk-privacy-security-tokens

📢 XLite v1.0 public release date announced! 📢

We are pleased to announce the date for the public release of XLite, the new lightweight, multi-asset wallet from Blocknet and Cloudchains Inc.

XLite v1.0 will be available to download for everyone from Wednesday, February 3rd at 15:00 UTC.

Watch the video to see it in action now!


We have integrated Polkadot into the http://plasma.finance Dashboard!

Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain interchange and translation architecture.

Our users can quickly and easily buy $DOT with a bank card in over 160 countries 🌎

Enjin-powered game Age of Rust is launching Season 1 with $1 Million in crypto bounties to be won! Players will have the chance to find the main 20 BTC prize + 4 BTC and 370,000 ENJ hidden throughout the game: https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/cryptocurrency-news/product-release/enjin-enj-powered-age-of-rust-to-launch-with-1-mn-crypto-bounties/

ZEN/USDT Spot Trading will be available on Huobi Global at 17:00 on January 25th, 2021 (UTC+8).
Direct link to trading pair: https://support.hbfile.net/hc/en-us/articles/900005204503

Horizen (ZEN) got listed on Digifinex and Hotbit exchanges!

Here's a little tool to check on your delegates & your Qtum Super Staker.


Bigcoin (BIG) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 https://tokpie.io/blog/what-is-bigcoin-big-token/
#Bigcoin #BIG #token #auctionhouse #altcoins #cryptocurrencies

Bigcoin (BIG) Listed on Tokpie 📈
👉 https://tokpie.io/blog/what-is-bigcoin-big-token/
#Bigcoin #BIG #token #auctionhouse #altcoins #cryptocurrencies

DogeToken (DGT) Listed on Tokpie 📈 😄
👉 https://tokpie.io/blog/what-is-dogetoken-dgt/
#FANToken #DGT #DogeToken #altcoin #cryptocurrencies

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