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Beam Updates

Notifications directly from project teams.

We've launched Cindicator Edge, a new web app for receiving Hybrid Intelligence indicators. Just connect any Ethereum wallet to unlock up to 12 indicators a week! To receive more indicators in real-time, acquire $CND tokens directly in the app.

Try it out now ➡

Have you checked out the BCDpay App With new features add frequently and advanced features you wouldn’t want to miss out. For all platforms

Mobile-only instant messaging app + Freebe is now (the latest Obyte email newsletter)

Michael from Boxmining spent the entire day in Bangkok, Thailand with Sandra to try live off Zcoin $XZC via the Satang Pro beta app with PromptPay integration. Still some kinks to work out and streamline but they had a blast!

Andy Ji, Ontology's Co-Founder, speaks on "Ticket to Noah's Ark" at #InvestAsia by
CoinDesk in Singapore. Andy also shared his thoughts on who can survive in the next phase of the public blockchain competition, what can we learn from other industries and previous blockchain projects, and what is the key to the distributed collaboration business world. #ONT #ONG

Dear Bitballers,
With great pleasure, we would like to announce that #Bitball (#BTB) is now listed on @RealPlayRoyal.
Play Royal is now the first #TRON (#TRX) #Exchange and #Casino to accept #Ethereum #ERC20 tokens

Trading link:
More exciting times ahead.
Tweet link:

$LSK is now listed on the App. Buy and sell Lisk now at true cost with bank transfer and credit card (both are supported!) Full details -

Our Chief Operating Officer Eric was on stage at Invest Asia 2019 in Singapore sharing our mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency.

Zcoin is live at Changelog in Invest:Asia 2019

Global X Change $GXT Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $GXT on $BTC $DOGE $USDT and $ETH base markets
More information here:

Global Smart Asset $GSA Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $GSA on $BTC $DOGE $USDT and $ETH base markets
More information here:

The first Bismuth motion. Users will be able to vote upon is now published with its options.

Read the full post here:

Discussion to take place on Discord:

Bismuth Foundation

Our August Development report is now live and ready for your reading pleasure -

Hint: there is a reward code available!

In this report, we cover updates for:
Desktop App
LBRY for Android
Cross Device Syncing
YouTube Sync Transfers
Community Block Explorer
2019 Roadmap Progress

Open Marketplace Development Update

The Particl team is in the final stage of testing two new Open Marketplace features: Product Imports and Questions and Answers.

These two features will be included in the next Particl Desktop testnet build which should be available in a couple of days. The current target to release the testnet build is mid to end of this week.


Dash Partners with IQ CashNow Adding 1,000+ New Dash-Accepting Merchants

Update! September №2 · Website
Blog post:

QuarkChain CMO Anthurine held an AMA in the Bithumb community.

What's the difference between #QuarkChain and other projects?

What’s the difference between #sharding and cross-chain?

August 28 - September 9 🎯 IQeon Platform Dev Update

🔹 Added the Chat
🔹 TOP players monthly leaderboard
🔹 Latest Deposits block
🚀 IQeon Client development

✅ Read more:

We're pleased to announce the addition of Nano to the Metal Pay marketplace - Nano is now available for purchase in 41 jurisdictions across the United States via the Metal Pay iOS app.

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