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Great job Bridge community! Your votes were heard loud and clear!
TOLL is now listed on Aphelion DEX. Trading pairs include: TOLL/GAS TOLL/NEO

Aphelion Announcement:

We are very excited to share that we are now live on Bitebtc for trading. A Singaporean licensed exchange platform.

More other exchanges to come.

We are very excited by the integration of DigiByte in Paytomat payment processing solutions.
Paytomat will enable merchants to accept DigiByte payments with no fees, no additional equipment, and built in incentives.
This system will bridge the gap for DigiByte users and bring us closer to mass adoption.

DigiByte is now LIVE and tradable on Lescovex!

$DGB is listed with many crypto and 7 Fiat Pairs:
#EUR🇪🇺 #USD🇺🇸 #CAD🇨🇦 #GBP🇬🇧 #CHF🇨🇭 #SEK🇸🇪 #RON🇷🇴!

Trading for US citizens is not available at the moment. It will be soon.

It has been a long time coming, and we a thrilled to announce that our Lindacoin merchandise online store is live now! More items coming in the very near future! Get that Linda gear and support the movement!

Linda team is also happy to announce our partner Whopper Crypto has a new crypto payment service Swirl Pay. Linda will be one of the first cryptos to be launched. Soon businesses will be able to start accepting LINDA in online stores globally.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with Epic Coin! EPIC is a P2P, community-oriented Cryptocurrency targeting the eCommerce market. They will be listed on both and !

We're happy to announce our partner (formerly CPN), has successfully rebranded to Vendit Exchange. Linda enthusiasts will be able to shop with multiple merchants with the Lindacoin VISA. Check out for updates!

Fun and exciting news! Linda is proud to announce our sponsorship of professional formula D driver Matt Vankirk! This opportunity will expand our networking into professional sports! Follow him @ and watch Linda drift across the finish line!

The Linda Team is proud to announce our listing partnership with Vulcano Coin! Vulc is a PoS/masternode cryptocurrency that focuses on geothermal research/development, & will be listed on Linda's & !

Linda is partnering with a world renowned, proven marketing firm. With over 15 ICOs and 150 million raised, Applicature will elevate Linda and LindaX to the next level.

Linda is proud to announce our official partnership with Air Coins! Collect Linda on their Augmented Reality Platform! Go download the game app and let the treasure hunt begin!

Don't forget Linda's MyStakingWallet also supports Electra Coin (ECA) on Android and iOS Platforms!

Linda X, a token utility platform used for creating and trading custom digital assets and currencies. Our platform enables multi-layer networks built to improve the decentralization of distributed ledgers and users associated. Learn more at

We're happy to announce ANOTHER Web/Mobile wallet partnership! Social Send Coin has joined Linda's mobile app platform, we thank SEND for supporting our unique mobile solution for the entire crypto community! You can also Pool your SEND at MyNodePool also.

We would love to welcome the Colossus Coin XT team to the Linda family. Linda will be supporting Colossus Coin XT both on MyStakingWallet and MyNodePool

The Linda team is happy to announce a new partnership with Shard Coin. Linda will be supporting Shard on MyStakingWallet as well as MyNodePool. Shardax will also support the listing of Linda on their new exchange!

MyNodePool! Creates an ECO friendly community driven pool focused on reducing blockchains carbon footprint. Come join us to make a difference at

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