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Beam Updates

Notifications directly from project teams.

We are VERY pleased to announce that our legal memorandum regarding securities status has been finalized, signed, and delivered! Countless doors have just opened. Shall we proceed? Forward, always! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #opportunity #LukeCage

Hey everyone!

I am excited to announce that we are now listed for CoinGecko Beam.
Recently GLT had a hardfork, which was a complete success.

All details can be found in the BTC Talk ANN Thread!
Short: 30 POW Megaalgo, Masternodes (50 000 GLT Collateral), Auxpow and a lot more stuff!
Checkout the ANN Thread for more!

Cheers and thanks for being here on CoinGecko!

- The GlobalToken Core Team

Watch Reuben's latest update video here:

Weekly update - November 9th: Sapling activation is complete! Continuing to work on additional RPC support for Sapling. Getting close to supporting Windows port of Zcash. New information on the upcoming Zcash Reference Wallet. More in the full update:

Learn more about the long-term vision of our project and aim to build an interchain economy in our latest team interview.

We are very happy by taking part of Coingecko's Beam.

Please note we are part of StrongHands Project but will have different channels to keep you posted about the masternode coin.

We at the moment have 170% ROI as you can check on Masternodes.Online website, which is great investment opportunity:

SHMN will have in 2019 own website and services.

SpaceChain is listed on Bittrex! You can obtain ERC-20 SPC tokens on Bittrex now! For those holding QRC-20 SPC tokens, be sure to swap to ERC-20 SPC tokens via Qbao Wallet. Details here:

Tokenomy supports upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork scheduled to be on November 16, 2018 (GMT +8)!

During the upgrade, Tokenomy will temporarily suspend deposit/withdrawal of BCH as well as all BCH trading activities.


The LYFE Pre-Sale has successfully concluded! 🎉
Thank you to the Tokenomy community for your support!

If you didn’t get the chance to purchase LYFE during the pre-sale, LYFE will be available for purchase on Tokenomy Launchpad on 12 Nov, 2018

Read more:

Receive a TRIPLE reward 💰💰💰 for every bar, club, hall or stadiums with live music events you add from:
🎤Netherlands: Amsterdam
🎤Spain: Barcelona
🎤United Kingdom: London
🎤Germany: Berlin
🎤Serbia: Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad
🎤Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek

Start earning triple VIBs on October 31. at 00:00!

ARK is now on Beam updates via CoinGecko. To check out our latest updates visit or follow us on social media like Here is the most recent update for ARK, including our new CTO and the worlds first Professional Blockchain Celebrity Poker Tournament featuring the worlds best WSOP Players.

Bata (BTA) recently upgraded the blockchain's Proof of Work (POW) from Scrypt, to multi-algorithm that comprises of six independent chain algorithms. Bata Core v0.16.3.81 is a combination of Bitcoin Core 0.16 & Dash Core 0.12, provides Bata with Dynamic Blocks, Instamine Protection, Deadlock Protection & Spork Control over processing.

Bata Masternodes are now enabled for added security and governance.

We’ve launched another blockchain node into space! This is the first fully functioning space-based QTUM blockchain node with the ability to perform multi-signature transactions & run smart contracts, all in space! Watch it orbit the earth in real time!

Vectorspace AI is excited to join CoinGecko Beam to keep you updated with the latest developments & updates!

Fantastic news to be included in the CoinGecko Beam program! At the Hut34 Project ( we're building a crypto future. Our protocol - HutX - allows chatbots, IoT and digital services to connect, interact, and monetise their data and communication. We've also built the worlds first google powered ethereum wallet ( with 0x project powered easy ERC20 token conversions. Lots more enhancements to come!

Guess what? Patrick our Business Development Director will be on FREE FOUR ALL Friday November 9th @ 8PM EST for a totally unscripted session with the legendary Larry & Joe duo! @FREEFOURALL_ Make sure you subscribe and attend at $EUNO #live

We are excited to have DigiByte integrated into the Xeedal app and hardware wallet on their upcoming product expected to launch in early 2019!

We are very excited to share that LETHEAN will be listed on BITKER! A major chinese cryptocurrency exchange!

This strategic listing helps us to push the #Lethean brand towards the chinese market!
Please read your medium article regarding the listing announcement! :-)

Join us next Friday for our AMA across Telegram (, Discord ( and Reddit ( Start posting your questions now.

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