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Beam Updates

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Find out what's been happening with SpaceChain the past week.


The latest weekly update is now live, covering Colin LeMahieu speaking at the European Parliament, current development issues, and the recent listing of Nano on Huobi Global!


CDM Exchange is now offering DigiByte for IRA and direct purchases.
DigiByte can also be exchanged for Gold .
call 888-658-1861

SolarCoin now distributed to energy producers in 71 countries. 12 TWh =SLR 12m given out to community. Get your free solarcoin at www.solarcoin. Building the solar energy economy 1MWh at a time.

We got glass! 30 boxes cleared customs this weekend and arrived at out London studio for processing. Just the silicone to go now, which was shipped last week. Not long now...

Vertcoin #Development Update — October 2018

ASICs and the current state of GPU mining, Verthash algorithm update, VertDocs and Vertcoin Academy & Non Securities Legal Opinion.

Plus Much more!

Read more: https://medium.com/vertcoin-blog/vertcoin-development-update-october-2018-d052210ae07f

We are very happy for first post at Beam!

StrongHands is a very large project that involves our classic SHND coin, Masternodes (SHMN), Foundation and an Exchange. Pillars sustained by a great community of more than 12,000 people.

These are the next important milestones:

- Integration to Cryptaldash Exchange;
- Integration with preCharge Exchange;
- Go Live of our Exchange;
- Launch of SHMN Whitepaper;
- Announcement of more partnerships with athletes

Stay tuned for more!

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report No.17 is coming (http://bit.ly/BW17_QK_COIN). Click for more details about Development Progress, Forbes Interview and Events. Thank you for supporting us.

Dear Community,

Here is our early november update! Worth having a read ;-)

We have a few cool news to release very soon! Stay tuned!

On November 3rd, ContentBox and the cultural creative brand Haloha completed the cooperation signing ceremony in Beijing. The two sides formally reached a strategic cooperation, marking the first time ContentBox's "Content Initiative" of global eco-building be landed.

Globycoin is listed on aiodex with trading pairs glb/btc and glb/geek ,happy trading

The Zel live public meeting for 04 Nov 2018 discusses ZelNodes roadmap & dev workflow, ZelCore new release, full node wallet updates, and more.
YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZQNMaxBP5w
Summary of meeting: https://medium.com/@ZelOfficial/zel-live-meeting-04nov18-zelnodes-roadmap-detailed-workflow-released-963ff9f6d777

The Connect Crowdfunding Platform Beta Release.
Check out the connect crowdfunding platform,

join the connect token telegram channel

We would like to share that EUNO’s whitepaper has been published in http://AllCryptoWhitepapers.com as the White Paper of the Week!

We are excited to announce that masternode holders have cast their first Euno governance vote on "Should Euno reduce the POW rewards by 70%?" Votes have been counted and the results are 89.7% Voted yes and 10.3 % voted no.

M-Crypto. new cryptocurrency web portal powered by Marcelo will be live in 7 days!

Guess what? Congrats to EUNO community! We have reached 100 Masternodes that are locked! We appreciate the community support! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! Thank You!

EUNO• exposure and visibility reach is growing! We have just been added to cryptoshib, it's a Cryptocurrency awareness and review platform! Make sure you check it out!


Hard fork coming up block 500,000 expected in 7 days

Electronero Passport protocol now active on iOs, Android, Telegram and soon web!




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