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Notifications directly from project teams.

Guess what? Congrats to EUNO community! We have reached 100 Masternodes that are locked! We appreciate the community support! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! Thank You!

EUNO• exposure and visibility reach is growing! We have just been added to cryptoshib, it's a Cryptocurrency awareness and review platform! Make sure you check it out!


Hard fork coming up block 500,000 expected in 7 days

Electronero Passport protocol now active on iOs, Android, Telegram and soon web!




A billion dollar partnership for Fantom! Fantom partners with energy infrastructure giant, Danfoss, to create the future of the microgrid!

Read the full story: https://medium.com/fantomfoundation/fantom-partners-with-multi-billion-dollar-energy-and-iot-infrastructure-company-danfoss-6247cc5ff17a

Announcing Perpera, an implementation of the PeerAssets DataAudit protocol. Perpera is a library written in TypeScript and will be used to implement user friendly web-based apps and allow wide use of the DataAudit protocol.


Crypto-themed clothing designer and retailer https://CryptoBantam.com is now accepting CoffeeCoin for payments. They have also created unique COF inspired designs available on T-shirts, Hoodies and Mugs.

Full story here: https://medium.com/@javanomad/cryptobantam-clothing-now-accepting-coffeecoin-in-their-online-shop-7a93feeef22c

We've reviewed the legal memorandum, made the necessary revisions, discussed with our attorneys, and have now just sent it out to be finalized and signed. Great way to end the week! Just keep on pressing forward! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto

Want to hear more about just why the current Crust Test that we're running is so important? To understand why it's such an important step forwards, you should check out the SAFE Crossroads podcast that was released this week. SAFE Crossroads is an independent podcast that's been run with huge enthusiasm by a community member (@fergish on safenetforum.org) since 2015. Well worth checking out!


The 1st Nov SAFE Network Dev Update is out. Highlights include:
-v2 Crust Test release - a chance to join a decentralised network from home!
-Malice detection progress in Routing
-Discussions on storing RDF data on SAFE
-New team members in Scotland & India
-New SAFE Crossroads Podcast
-Why encryption matters

SmartCash Payments and Treasuries Announcement: https://smartcash.cc/smartcash-payments-and-treasuries-announcement/

HitBTC is happy to present a new pair for DigiByte.
Trading pair $DGB/$TUSD is now live on HitBTC!

Visit https://hitbtc.com/DGB-to-TUSD for more information.

Thanks to Bitfinex for adding DigiByte!

Trading will be enabled for DGB against BTC and USD pairs, with margin markets to be introduced following the development of a liquid trading market.


Crust Test v2 has just been released! Crust ('Connections in Rust') is open source foundational software that lets computers communicate directly with each other all over the world (including, as the test shows, into China). Crucially all user data is encrypted on the wire. We've also knocked together a quick dashboard for the test (https://crusttest.maidsafe.net/) and it'll be live for only a few days - so come join in the fun! https://safenetforum.org/t/crust-test-v2-join-the-live-test/26053

Our community update for October is live, read all about it on our blog post: https://lbry.io/news/october-community-update

In This Update:
Highlighted LBRY.fund Projects
Jelly Beats streaming music player
Cryptopuzzle: you can win up to $2,500
YouTube Sync Update
Upcoming Events
Recent Events

Update on our team! Zcash Company continues to attract world-class talent to advance its mission of empowering everyone with economic freedom and opportunity. https://z.cash/blog/zcash-company-continues-to-attract-talent/

Weekly Update - November 2nd:
–The Zcash Sapling network upgrade activated at block height 419200;
–The Zcash Foundation and Parity to build consensus-compatible Zcash node;
–Implementation of shielded HD wallets;
–Introducing the Zcash Reference Wallet.

Our lead dev @JJ12880 has been working tirelessly on the Zero Client Experience and its looking incredible! We cannot wait to show you. Alpha testing soon, so we'll need some volunteers! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #smartchain #identity #privacy

We are pleased to announce that our legal memorandum regarding securities status has been delivered. Our team is reviewing now. Once finalized, countless blockades shall be lifted. Forward, always! $RADS $BTC #radium #bitcoin #blockchain #fintech #crypto #opportunity #LukeCage

DigiByte is being launched on the CoinField exchange with trading pairs BTC and XRP.
Fiat pais in Q1-2, 2019 with USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY & AED!
CoinField is Canada’s most advanced exchange and is including #DGB $DGB in 61-countries.
CoinField also expand its services globally through the moonGo App.
DigiByte will be included with USD & EUR.
You can withdraw fiat directly to moonGo cards, and use the cards to make purchases online or at any retailer that accepts credit cards!

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