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Beam Updates

Notifications directly from project teams.

Tell us why you think it’s Time for Plan ₿ and your entry may be in our ads later this year. Submit yours now - www.crypto.com/TimeForPlanB #TimeForPlanB

It’s not you, it’s us! From this point on, Sentinel Protocol will be a part of Uppsala Security.

Find out more about the new identity, logo, website, and mission directly from our CEO & Founder, Patrick Kim: https://bit.ly/2kkvl4C

The Crypto.com App has hit the One Million downloads milestone! A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to all our users. We’re celebrating this milestone with the launch of “Time for Plan ₿” campaign - www.crypto.com/TimeForPlanB
Full details here - blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-hits-1-million/

IQeon founder Vadim Dovguchits and CISO of the company Denys Havrylenko, were interviewed by Research Center at the Tsinghua University!

Experts provided a short background on the establishment of gaming platform and shared IQeon further plans. Also, they expressed their views regarding the development of blockchain technology. 👍

The interview was published on the official page of the center on WeChat in Chinese language.

✅ Read more:

Brief update for Electronero network investors! Electronero is a privacy based blockchain built on top of the Monero codebase, with many improvements and security patches.
At this stage there are 2 new protocols we’re researching and developing known as codename project NeroNet, and codename project ElectrOS. Both are highly confidential in nature, ground breaking technology. Read more:

BLOC GUI Miner new update! Now support 10 cryptocurrencies!

What’s New in v1.1.2 ?
💎 Built-in latest XMR-STAK 2.10.7 & XMRIG 3.1.2
🖥 Works on macOS, Windows (7, 8, 10) & Linux x64
🎖 Best Mining Pools built-in
❇️ Change mining pool or coin in 1 click
ℹ️ Informations about each currency with links
🔸 Easy to use
📈 Price & Coin Stats by CoinGecko
📊 Mining Stats by Cryptunit
♻️ CPU & GPU Mining


New witness monitoring service. You can now easily monitor which witnesses have which witnesses in their witness list. Fortunately, it’s easier to monitor than say this tongue twister. + Autonomous Agents contest update https://medium.com/@pauljamesmurray/new-witness-monitoring-service-autonomous-agents-contest-update-408b7a79281a

Particl Listed on the BISQ Decentralized Exchange

Earlier this week, Particl was added to the BISQ decentralized exchange. You can now buy and sell Particl in a decentralized fashion without any geographical restriction or KYC requirements.

To know how to get started buying and selling PART on BISQ, follow the link below which contains a step-by-step guide.

👉 https://particl.news/particl-now-listed-on-the-bisq-decentralized-exchange-b45b16ec36f8

Attention Marketers, ARK is hiring! Looking for a creative marketing role in the blockchain industry? Familiar with growth marketing and user acquisition? You could be exactly what we’re looking for!

Edge has won “Best Edge Computing Platform”
at Juniper Research's Future Digital Awards! Find out more: https://edge.network/en/updates/network/future-digital-awards-best-edge-computing-platform/

QuarkChain has signed a cooperation agreement with Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA) and joined the global blockchain transport alliance officially.

Check for more details! http://bit.ly/BITA_COIN

With Stellar (XLM) surging 15%+ in 24 hours, there is no better time to take out a tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Line™ from Nexo and profit to the fullest from the upside potential of your crypto assets. #HODL #XLM https://nexo.io/instant-crypto-loans/stellar-loan

BitBall Btb listing confirmed on another big 24 volume (165 million approx) #cryptocurrency exchange with 9 major markets🚀
it’s an advanced trading platform that is designed for experienced traders & specializes in Altcoins & algos.

Discover Laser Beam, an implementation of bi-directional payment channels between two Beam wallets, an essential building block toward a full Lightning Network implementation. https://youtu.be/sGxt29ZW4k0

Zcoin's cryptography advisor Aram Jivanyan gets interviewed about his upcoming talk happening at Chainpoint 19 Conference, Yerevan, Armenia, October 14-15 2019.


Check out the Mithril Ecosystem (190918 Updated):

Crypto.com Chain Announces Early-Access Validator Partners Huobi Pool, OKEx Pool, Staked, Allnodes, StakeCube, Chainflow and MyCointainer. Full details - https://blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-chain-early-access-validator-partners/

New Electron Release is out! Grab 1.1.0 with auto-update or download from:


The new release includes tournament filter, event search, and improved connectivity for users affected by Connecting to Peers.

For technical support visit : t.me/Wagerrpublictest

Wagerr betting volume doubled! Over 3.3 million $WGR bet in one week. This week also sets a new record for most betting events available on Wagerr.


Just a Friendly reminder to be careful in social media channels, always check links before you click them, and if someone offers you a deal that’s too good to be true it’s most likely a scam.

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