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Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Find PrimeStone among them :)

The new PrimeStone WhitePaper ver. 2.0 is available at

The PrimeStone Project presents the pdf presentation covering the general outline of the project.
Project Overview

Visit a new PrimeStone website and find out more about the project


PSC SWAP finished on 20th January. Therefore, all users who were unable to exchange coins before the end of the swap period are requested to contact the PrimeStone Team via email (, Telegram, Discord or Twitter. Please report the case in a private message.
Note: Only coins credited to your PSC wallet by January 20, 2019 will be exchanged.
Note: The exchange of old PSC for new coins is based on the user's wallet.dat file.

A new PrimeStone Mobile Wallet is available in Google Play

Changes introduced in January 2019:
1) The necessary collateral to run a MasterNode is 10.000 PSC;
2) The consensus is PoS/MN;
3) New functions are applied: SegWit, Replay Protection, Zero Knowledge Proof.

The PrimeStone Project overview in the pdf presentation.

Link below

PrimeStone has been given a rating "A" on

Current ROI for PSC masternode is 876%.

PrimeStone Coin (PSC) is listed on the CryptalDash Exchange.
New exchanges - COMING SOON. Stay tuned and follow us.

PSC Airdrop on the CryptalDash Exchange

PrimeStone Competition
We invite you to participate in our competition on Twitter.
We have LEDGER NANO S for TWO lucky winners.
link below:

PrimeStone is listed on CREX24.

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