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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000406965229 0.4%
0.00000001 BTC 0.6%
0.00000020 ETH 0.6%
220 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $96,300
24 Hour Trading Vol $77,065
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus BHD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-23 BD36,499 BD29,085 BD0.00015451 N/A
2021-07-22 BD35,314 BD29,724 BD0.00014960 BD0.00015451
2021-07-21 BD31,951 BD22,532 BD0.00013503 BD0.00014960
2021-07-20 BD32,656 BD24,965 BD0.00013801 BD0.00013503
2021-07-19 BD34,563 BD28,273 BD0.00014632 BD0.00013801
2021-07-18 BD34,283 BD39,247 BD0.00014488 BD0.00014632
2021-07-17 BD33,979 BD32,258 BD0.00014341 BD0.00014488
2021-07-16 BD35,117 BD26,429 BD0.00014776 BD0.00014341
2021-07-15 BD36,573 BD33,236 BD0.00015474 BD0.00014776
2021-07-14 BD35,013 BD30,499 BD0.00015016 BD0.00015474
2021-07-13 BD37,414 BD32,039 BD0.00015861 BD0.00015016
2021-07-12 BD40,597 BD32,661 BD0.00017156 BD0.00015861
2021-07-11 BD37,844 BD18,851.53 BD0.00016024 BD0.00017156
2021-07-10 BD56,376 BD1,189.12 BD0.00023824 BD0.00016024
2021-07-09 BD50,955 BD4,037.37 BD0.00021604 BD0.00023824
2021-07-08 BD52,197 BD2,310.32 BD0.00021740 BD0.00021604
2021-07-07 BD43,495 BD12,808.00 BD0.00018626 BD0.00021740
2021-07-06 BD40,008 BD30,934 BD0.00016869 BD0.00018626
2021-07-05 BD38,203 BD27,980 BD0.00016223 BD0.00016869
2021-07-04 BD35,492 BD25,440 BD0.00014999 BD0.00016223
2021-07-03 BD40,420 BD35,256 BD0.00017064 BD0.00014999
2021-07-02 BD31,869 BD26,594 BD0.00013468 BD0.00017064
2021-07-01 BD32,125 BD28,674 BD0.00013575 BD0.00013468
2021-06-30 BD28,829 BD21,674 BD0.00012149 BD0.00013575
2021-06-29 BD33,421 BD19,872.01 BD0.00014159 BD0.00012149
2021-06-28 BD38,473 BD28,745 BD0.00016254 BD0.00014159
2021-06-27 BD35,172 BD22,593 BD0.00015079 BD0.00016254
2021-06-26 BD38,925 BD25,215 BD0.00016503 BD0.00015079
2021-06-25 BD40,850 BD26,792 BD0.00017263 BD0.00016503
2021-06-24 BD40,269 BD22,003 BD0.00017031 BD0.00017263
2021-06-23 BD40,170 BD23,483 BD0.00016976 BD0.00017031
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