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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000392764355 -6.3%
0.00000001 BTC -9.8%
0.00000018 ETH -10.0%
220 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $92,940
24 Hour Trading Vol $88,020
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus BRL (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 R$524,023 R$432,265 R$0.00221845 N/A
2021-07-23 R$503,537 R$401,260 R$0.00213168 R$0.00221845
2021-07-22 R$486,017 R$409,074 R$0.00205885 R$0.00213168
2021-07-21 R$442,459 R$312,025 R$0.00186984 R$0.00205885
2021-07-20 R$455,004 R$347,842 R$0.00192285 R$0.00186984
2021-07-19 R$469,042 R$383,683 R$0.00198562 R$0.00192285
2021-07-18 R$465,231 R$532,587 R$0.00196607 R$0.00198562
2021-07-17 R$461,076 R$437,726 R$0.00194605 R$0.00196607
2021-07-16 R$476,159 R$358,374 R$0.00200361 R$0.00194605
2021-07-15 R$492,041 R$447,174 R$0.00208192 R$0.00200361
2021-07-14 R$479,724 R$417,872 R$0.00205733 R$0.00208192
2021-07-13 R$513,479 R$439,727 R$0.00217688 R$0.00205733
2021-07-12 R$567,124 R$456,268 R$0.00239667 R$0.00217688
2021-07-11 R$527,952 R$262,995 R$0.00223553 R$0.00239667
2021-07-10 R$786,591 R$16,591.36 R$0.00332414 R$0.00223553
2021-07-09 R$710,960 R$56,322 R$0.00301386 R$0.00332414
2021-07-08 R$724,494 R$32,066 R$0.00301742 R$0.00301386
2021-07-07 R$599,647 R$176,566 R$0.00256769 R$0.00301742
2021-07-06 R$540,411 R$417,845 R$0.00227853 R$0.00256769
2021-07-05 R$512,651 R$375,471 R$0.00217700 R$0.00227853
2021-07-04 R$476,258 R$341,366 R$0.00201267 R$0.00217700
2021-07-03 R$542,560 R$473,246 R$0.00229048 R$0.00201267
2021-07-02 R$426,815 R$356,162 R$0.00180372 R$0.00229048
2021-07-01 R$423,527 R$378,045 R$0.00178977 R$0.00180372
2021-06-30 R$379,017 R$285,004 R$0.00159751 R$0.00178977
2021-06-29 R$436,676 R$259,649 R$0.00184998 R$0.00159751
2021-06-28 R$503,844 R$376,457 R$0.00212877 R$0.00184998
2021-06-27 R$460,458 R$295,777 R$0.00197401 R$0.00212877
2021-06-26 R$509,580 R$330,096 R$0.00216050 R$0.00197401
2021-06-25 R$532,635 R$349,337 R$0.00225092 R$0.00216050
2021-06-24 R$530,522 R$289,885 R$0.00224389 R$0.00225092
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