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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000407423423 -0.9%
0.00000001 BTC -0.4%
0.00000020 ETH -0.2%
220 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $96,497
24 Hour Trading Vol $76,413
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus NOK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-23 kr856,979 kr682,784 kr0.00362726 N/A
2021-07-22 kr832,012 kr700,393 kr0.00352505 kr0.00362726
2021-07-21 kr763,088 kr538,134 kr0.00322482 kr0.00352505
2021-07-20 kr775,585 kr592,920 kr0.00327763 kr0.00322482
2021-07-19 kr812,358 kr663,689 kr0.00343469 kr0.00327763
2021-07-18 kr804,384 kr920,842 kr0.00339933 kr0.00343469
2021-07-17 kr798,118 kr757,699 kr0.00336859 kr0.00339933
2021-07-16 kr821,884 kr618,697 kr0.00345904 kr0.00336859
2021-07-15 kr847,918 kr770,275 kr0.00358619 kr0.00345904
2021-07-14 kr815,487 kr710,599 kr0.00349853 kr0.00358619
2021-07-13 kr862,933 kr738,804 kr0.00365747 kr0.00349853
2021-07-12 kr935,894 kr752,954 kr0.00395509 kr0.00365747
2021-07-11 kr869,764 kr433,266 kr0.00368288 kr0.00395509
2021-07-10 kr1,296,322 kr27,343 kr0.00547826 kr0.00368288
2021-07-09 kr1,187,956 kr94,160 kr0.00503863 kr0.00547826
2021-07-08 kr1,208,692 kr53,502 kr0.00503453 kr0.00503863
2021-07-07 kr1,004,369 kr295,695 kr0.00430012 kr0.00503453
2021-07-06 kr908,853 kr702,707 kr0.00383190 kr0.00430012
2021-07-05 kr872,861 kr638,870 kr0.00370421 kr0.00383190
2021-07-04 kr809,239 kr580,036 kr0.00341985 kr0.00370421
2021-07-03 kr920,944 kr803,290 kr0.00388786 kr0.00341985
2021-07-02 kr729,449 kr608,700 kr0.00308266 kr0.00388786
2021-07-01 kr733,569 kr654,742 kr0.00309972 kr0.00308266
2021-06-30 kr654,708 kr492,211 kr0.00275895 kr0.00309972
2021-06-29 kr756,048 kr449,360 kr0.00320165 kr0.00275895
2021-06-28 kr867,485 kr647,568 kr0.00366183 kr0.00320165
2021-06-27 kr792,348 kr508,967 kr0.00339684 kr0.00366183
2021-06-26 kr876,876 kr568,023 kr0.00371774 kr0.00339684
2021-06-25 kr921,473 kr604,363 kr0.00389415 kr0.00371774
2021-06-24 kr912,310 kr498,326 kr0.00385735 kr0.00389415
2021-06-23 kr910,271 kr532,116 kr0.00384669 kr0.00385735
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