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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000435348173 6.1%
0.00000001 BTC -4.9%
0.00000019 ETH -0.1%
219 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $103,016
24 Hour Trading Vol $76,546
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus PLN (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 zł407,956 zł336,880 zł0.00172748 N/A
2021-07-25 zł359,640 zł305,499 zł0.00152209 zł0.00172748
2021-07-24 zł391,433 zł322,891 zł0.00165713 zł0.00152209
2021-07-23 zł375,300 zł299,053 zł0.00158871 zł0.00165713
2021-07-22 zł363,587 zł306,018 zł0.00154018 zł0.00158871
2021-07-21 zł330,459 zł233,042 zł0.00139652 zł0.00154018
2021-07-20 zł337,664 zł258,138 zł0.00142697 zł0.00139652
2021-07-19 zł355,951 zł291,126 zł0.00150662 zł0.00142697
2021-07-18 zł353,056 zł404,171 zł0.00149202 zł0.00150662
2021-07-17 zł350,006 zł332,281 zł0.00147726 zł0.00149202
2021-07-16 zł361,220 zł271,848 zł0.00151986 zł0.00147726
2021-07-15 zł374,426 zł340,137 zł0.00158359 zł0.00151986
2021-07-14 zł361,195 zł314,748 zł0.00154961 zł0.00158359
2021-07-13 zł380,896 zł326,169 zł0.00161471 zł0.00154961
2021-07-12 zł412,932 zł332,216 zł0.00174505 zł0.00161471
2021-07-11 zł384,650 zł191,610 zł0.00162874 zł0.00174505
2021-07-10 zł572,646 zł12,078.69 zł0.00242001 zł0.00162874
2021-07-09 zł518,255 zł41,069 zł0.00219767 zł0.00242001
2021-07-08 zł532,167 zł23,553 zł0.00221632 zł0.00219767
2021-07-07 zł440,672 zł129,728 zł0.00188657 zł0.00221632
2021-07-06 zł402,617 zł311,303 zł0.00169755 zł0.00188657
2021-07-05 zł385,907 zł282,466 zł0.00163776 zł0.00169755
2021-07-04 zł357,871 zł256,510 zł0.00151236 zł0.00163776
2021-07-03 zł407,487 zł355,429 zł0.00172025 zł0.00151236
2021-07-02 zł322,248 zł268,905 zł0.00136182 zł0.00172025
2021-07-01 zł324,961 zł290,120 zł0.00137350 zł0.00136182
2021-06-30 zł290,452 zł218,395 zł0.00122415 zł0.00137350
2021-06-29 zł334,666 zł198,934 zł0.00141739 zł0.00122415
2021-06-28 zł385,990 zł288,354 zł0.00163057 zł0.00141739
2021-06-27 zł352,988 zł226,743 zł0.00151328 zł0.00163057
2021-06-26 zł390,645 zł253,052 zł0.00165624 zł0.00151328
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