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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000437529178 6.5%
0.00000001 BTC -4.9%
0.00000019 ETH -0.6%
219 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $103,016
24 Hour Trading Vol $76,930
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus TWD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 NT$2,942,772 NT$2,428,962 NT$0.01245545 N/A
2021-07-25 NT$2,595,753 NT$2,204,978 NT$0.01098593 NT$0.01245545
2021-07-24 NT$2,826,075 NT$2,331,218 NT$0.01196415 NT$0.01098593
2021-07-23 NT$2,711,720 NT$2,160,906 NT$0.01147973 NT$0.01196415
2021-07-22 NT$2,620,367 NT$2,205,450 NT$0.01109994 NT$0.01147973
2021-07-21 NT$2,374,161 NT$1,674,272 NT$0.01003322 NT$0.01109994
2021-07-20 NT$2,433,405 NT$1,860,293 NT$0.01028359 NT$0.01003322
2021-07-19 NT$2,565,661 NT$2,098,749 NT$0.01086133 NT$0.01028359
2021-07-18 NT$2,545,267 NT$2,913,768 NT$0.01075631 NT$0.01086133
2021-07-17 NT$2,522,660 NT$2,394,906 NT$0.01064730 NT$0.01075631
2021-07-16 NT$2,598,517 NT$1,955,540 NT$0.01093312 NT$0.01064730
2021-07-15 NT$2,714,512 NT$2,467,519 NT$0.01148809 NT$0.01093312
2021-07-14 NT$2,604,295 NT$2,268,564 NT$0.01116892 NT$0.01148809
2021-07-13 NT$2,776,148 NT$2,377,403 NT$0.01176941 NT$0.01116892
2021-07-12 NT$3,016,082 NT$2,426,527 NT$0.01274595 NT$0.01176941
2021-07-11 NT$2,807,636 NT$1,398,602 NT$0.01188849 NT$0.01274595
2021-07-10 NT$4,183,285 NT$88,237 NT$0.01767859 NT$0.01188849
2021-07-09 NT$3,786,754 NT$300,037 NT$0.01605535 NT$0.01767859
2021-07-08 NT$3,862,598 NT$170,952 NT$0.01608646 NT$0.01605535
2021-07-07 NT$3,220,506 NT$948,218 NT$0.01378940 NT$0.01608646
2021-07-06 NT$2,969,917 NT$2,296,323 NT$0.01252197 NT$0.01378940
2021-07-05 NT$2,828,603 NT$2,074,670 NT$0.01202905 NT$0.01252197
2021-07-04 NT$2,627,976 NT$1,883,647 NT$0.01110584 NT$0.01202905
2021-07-03 NT$2,992,405 NT$2,610,115 NT$0.01263276 NT$0.01110584
2021-07-02 NT$2,358,234 NT$1,967,865 NT$0.00996591 NT$0.01263276
2021-07-01 NT$2,371,554 NT$2,116,898 NT$0.01002196 NT$0.00996591
2021-06-30 NT$2,132,696 NT$1,603,543 NT$0.00898820 NT$0.01002196
2021-06-29 NT$2,467,137 NT$1,467,043 NT$0.01045255 NT$0.00898820
2021-06-28 NT$2,850,482 NT$2,129,435 NT$0.01204142 NT$0.01045255
2021-06-27 NT$2,601,668 NT$1,671,190 NT$0.01115349 NT$0.01204142
2021-06-26 NT$2,879,218 NT$1,865,100 NT$0.01220718 NT$0.01115349
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