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aditus  (ADI)
Aditus (ADI)
$0.000435348173 6.1%
0.00000001 BTC -4.9%
0.00000019 ETH -0.1%
219 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $103,016
24 Hour Trading Vol $76,546
Circulating Supply 236,630,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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Aditus XRP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-26 XRP172,847 XRP141,414 XRP0.00072516 N/A
2021-07-25 XRP151,914 XRP128,623 XRP0.00064084 XRP0.00072516
2021-07-24 XRP165,717 XRP136,498 XRP0.00070053 XRP0.00064084
2021-07-23 XRP162,995 XRP129,634 XRP0.00068868 XRP0.00070053
2021-07-22 XRP164,007 XRP137,920 XRP0.00069414 XRP0.00068868
2021-07-21 XRP159,330 XRP112,360 XRP0.00067333 XRP0.00069414
2021-07-20 XRP153,810 XRP117,585 XRP0.00065000 XRP0.00067333
2021-07-19 XRP155,861 XRP127,166 XRP0.00065810 XRP0.00065000
2021-07-18 XRP155,039 XRP177,485 XRP0.00065519 XRP0.00065810
2021-07-17 XRP153,442 XRP145,256 XRP0.00064578 XRP0.00065519
2021-07-16 XRP153,929 XRP117,544 XRP0.00065717 XRP0.00064578
2021-07-15 XRP156,350 XRP141,737 XRP0.00065989 XRP0.00065717
2021-07-14 XRP149,079 XRP130,181 XRP0.00064093 XRP0.00065989
2021-07-13 XRP156,672 XRP134,145 XRP0.00066409 XRP0.00064093
2021-07-12 XRP168,749 XRP135,764 XRP0.00071314 XRP0.00066409
2021-07-11 XRP160,013 XRP79,515 XRP0.00067590 XRP0.00071314
2021-07-10 XRP232,467 XRP4,903 XRP0.00098241 XRP0.00067590
2021-07-09 XRP217,204 XRP17,173 XRP0.00091894 XRP0.00098241
2021-07-08 XRP211,448 XRP9,371 XRP0.00088178 XRP0.00091894
2021-07-07 XRP173,325 XRP51,048 XRP0.00074236 XRP0.00088178
2021-07-06 XRP158,781 XRP124,029 XRP0.00067634 XRP0.00074236
2021-07-05 XRP144,497 XRP106,454 XRP0.00061723 XRP0.00067634
2021-07-04 XRP139,795 XRP100,201 XRP0.00059078 XRP0.00061723
2021-07-03 XRP164,242 XRP142,800 XRP0.00069114 XRP0.00059078
2021-07-02 XRP127,222 XRP106,163 XRP0.00053764 XRP0.00069114
2021-07-01 XRP122,080 XRP108,207 XRP0.00051228 XRP0.00053764
2021-06-30 XRP107,699 XRP81,396 XRP0.00045624 XRP0.00051228
2021-06-29 XRP137,582 XRP81,499 XRP0.00058068 XRP0.00045624
2021-06-28 XRP156,871 XRP117,145 XRP0.00066242 XRP0.00058068
2021-06-27 XRP152,145 XRP98,025 XRP0.00065422 XRP0.00066242
2021-06-26 XRP168,177 XRP107,704 XRP0.00070493 XRP0.00065422
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