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Auxilium (Beam Updates)

- announce it here once the airdrop is distributed.
- inform you about our new partner once they have added us to their platform.
- launch our improved website this month.
- work on website translations after launching the improved website.
Have a good day!

AUX airdrop coins (not tokens) will be distributed in the next 24 hours. We didn't have time earlier unfortunately. We also will update you on a new partnership tomorrow. Hope you have the best week! 👍

Earlier this week we conducted a website analysis, and decided to gradually change elements this month to increase functionality and user engagement. Today we've calculated the Airdrop round 2 ready for distribution on the 10th Feb.

Dear Auxilium community,
We’ve distributed the interest in AUX for December 2018 and January 2019.
Please take some time to read our official update:
Have a great weekend!
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

We aim to distribute the AUX from the January AID - to holders who did not receive their interest yet due to the past maintenance - before we distribute the next Auxilium Interest Distribution which is planned for the 1st of Feb 2019.

The company, Auxilium Global was finally incorporated a few days ago and so it's official, we're now a proper company. Only need to finish the whitepaper before beginning to apply for a listing with larger exchanges. On target for Q1 2019.

We’ve also updated settings for the desktop wallets. Tests from the team and community show syncing works. Exchanges are in the process of updating settings in order to re-open deposit/withdraw for AUX.

We've fixed the network issue and have contacted the exchanges to update their settings for Auxilium (AUX). We hope deposit/withdraw will soon be available again. The next step is to integrating the new settings for (fast) syncing of the desktop wallets.

Network maintenance update: tests have been positive so far. We will contact the exchanges to re-open for deposit/withdrawal soon. We'll update you when everything is back to normal (depends on exchanges also).

We're setting up and testing the network for the next 24 hours. Most likely everything will be back to normal within 24-48 hours.

Update about the network maintenance:
Hope you all have a good day!

Dear Auxilium community,
We're working on the network. We've requested maintenance mode with the exchanges to fix the issue.
We ask for your understanding as we're trying our best to fix the issue, but can't say how long it will take.
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

Dear Auxilium community,

We look back at 2018 as a challenging and exciting year.
We thank all of you for the continued support.

Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

Auxilium 2018 review:

Dear Auxilium community,
Slight change of plans concerning the video. We'll publish a FAQs page on our website ( today. Video will be published later. Please read the full announcement here:
Kind regards,
The Auxilium Global Team

Good news! Auxilium is fully integrated in the crypto portfolio app of BitUniverse
Follow price-action, set alerts, find information under 'Coinpedia' and receive push notifications on your smartphone for news updates of AUX cryptocurrency. Follow us on BitUniverse.

Very happy with our listing on Finexbox!
You can trade AUX against BTC at:
Finexbox on Coingecko:
AUX is now listed on five cryptocurrency exchanges in the 4 months we have been trading.

We're excited to announce we have been listed on: Cryptocompare, Feixiaohao, Cryptoslate, Coincheckup and Coinlore.

These cryptocurrency websites are also added to our website

We will try and add our newsfeed to the mobile apps Delta and Blockfolio soon. Both apps already show the price/trading feed.

A lot is happening these days!
We're excited to announce AUX is listed on cryptocurrency portfolio app BitUniverse and we'll work together with them soon to also integrate our newsfeed and logo within their application.

Auxilium trading has started on Nusa Exchange
You can trade AUX on the Bitcoin market:
Deposit AUX within seconds thanks to the speed of our blockchain.
Happy trading on Nusa Exchange!

Good news!

AUX will soon be trading on Nusa Exchange
This brandnew Indonesia based cryptocurrency exchange plans to list Auxilium next week.

▶️Read a more detailed announcement on our forum.

A great opportunity for all AUX holders and people interested in Auxilium cryptocurrency. A video Q&A!

Leave a comment with your question(s) about this innovative blockchain project and see them answered 20th December 2018.

▶️Leave question here:


10000+ AUX in desktop wallet = chance to win 5000 AUX!

You have until 7th December 12:00 CEST 2018.
We announce 10 winners 8th December.

Buy AUX on:


Those who checked all requirements have received their airdrop of 250 AUX cryptocurrency today. Congratulations!
Note: make sure to have 10000+ AUX on your private desktop address within 24 hours to make a chance to win 5000 AUX.