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Auxilium (Beam Updates)

Good news!

AUX will soon be trading on Nusa Exchange
This brandnew Indonesia based cryptocurrency exchange plans to list Auxilium next week.

▶️Read a more detailed announcement on our forum.

A great opportunity for all AUX holders and people interested in Auxilium cryptocurrency. A video Q&A!

Leave a comment with your question(s) about this innovative blockchain project and see them answered 20th December 2018.

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10000+ AUX in desktop wallet = chance to win 5000 AUX!

You have until 7th December 12:00 CEST 2018.
We announce 10 winners 8th December.

Buy AUX on:


Those who checked all requirements have received their airdrop of 250 AUX cryptocurrency today. Congratulations!
Note: make sure to have 10000+ AUX on your private desktop address within 24 hours to make a chance to win 5000 AUX.

Please read our monthly recap.

Have a great weekend.

Great news! Auxilium (AUX) is now traded on Escodex a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. AUX can be traded against Bitcoin.

We launched a promo campaign: Buy 200 AUX or more and receive 5% AUX extra!

Join the tradingbattle on BiteBTC and win up to 50000 AUX!

In reply to the latest news.
Good to know our innovative Auxilium POA does not depend on mining (or staking). All AUX-holders (with AUX on a personal address) receive interest. Up to 8% per year. Offering a stable interest/incentive without the hassle. That's what you call a win-win. 👍

Auxilium (AUX) is the coin of the philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global. With the use of our unique and innovative technology we aim to solve the world's ills. Auxilium POA has many advantages over tradition POW and POS cryptocurrencies.

Check out our video!

Join AUX bounty programs!
Article and video bounty competitions are active. More to come soon!
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Dear Auxilium community,

We are pleased to announce a new exchange listing!
Read more on the EscoDex exchange listing on Medium or Steemit.
Don't forget to spread the word!

Kind regards,

The Auxilium Global Team