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Bismuth (Beam Updates)

We published the voting helper and opened a new Discord channel fully dedicated to the brand new Bismuth Governance voting protocol.

One month left to give your opinion about the supply emission.

Tutorial to be found there:

Bismuth Foundation

Bismuth Team Progress Report from September 2019 is out!

Read the blog post here:

Bismuth Foundation

The first Bismuth motion. Users will be able to vote upon is now published with its options.

Read the full post here:

Discussion to take place on Discord:

Bismuth Foundation

The draft timeline for First Bismuth Vote:

Bismuth Foundation

Bismuth Governance shift, part 2: The protocol, just was published.

Check the blog post:

This post describes the novel voting protocol $BIS will be using.

Bismuth is shifting toward decentralized governance, with a novel model in the making.

Read more on our blog:

Bismuth Foundation

A short dive into the recent new exchange listings, and

Blog post link:

#Bismuth $BIS #cryptocurrency

The latest progress report from the Bismuth team is out.

Check out what the restless team did while you were enjoying your vacations!

Blog post link:

Bismuth Whitepaper v1.2 is out!

Whitepaper link:

Bismuth Foundation

Our #bismuth hypernodes network is growing fast and stronger.
Start yours today since you can still get a nice $BIS interest.

Our Bismuth hypernode network is growing fast, also is more healthy now since more HNs are up and running.
Get yours today since you can still get a nice $BIS interest.

Bismuth is now listed on Finexbox exchange.
You can now trade BIS against BTC pair.
Bismuth Foundation

We are pleased to announce that our project is now listed on
Deposits and Trading will start the next couple of days.
We also have a $BIS Bounty Campaign for deposits.
Bismuth Foundation

BISMUTH Team Progress Report – July 15 2019
This month witnessed the introduction of our first mobile wallet- brought forward by Chainzilla, shared Hypernode hosting by MNSF, a listing on the Graviex exchange, and much, much more. There have been a ton of behind-the-scenes work which will be highlighted below- let’s delve into the rest of this month’s progress report.
Read more on:

Thanks to a cooperation with ChainZilla, Bismuth now gets a brand new iOS and Android wallet. This wallet makes use of the new addresses schemes and makes it painless to send and receive $BIS from your mobile phone.

Read more on:

The new DocShield feature for Bismuth allows you to patent your ideas on its blockchain.
More details here:

The first version of the Bismuth whitepaper is out!

Have you already tried the new modern Bismuth Tornado Wallet? It supports multiple languages and many new features including a Crystal system. Follow this link to download it: