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Elon Musk Cosigns Tweet Warning Dogecoin Holders Against Margin Trading

Bitcoinist (33 minutes ago)

Dogefather Elon Musk has recently cosigned a tweet that warns Dogecoin holders of the dangers of margin trading. This trading method usually used by experienced traders can prove incredibly risky because while there is a lot of profit to be made when a trade goes right, the loss can be devastatin... (Read More...)

Israel Fast-tracks Its Cenral Bank Digital Currency Plans

CoinGape (41 minutes ago)

As reported by Reuters on Monday, and just like many other economies of the world are currently doing, Israel may have also started advancing its plans regarding its own Central Bank-issued Digital Currency (CBDC) too. Israel Committed To Advanced Technological Knowledge — Amir Yaron According to... (Read More...)

UniX Gaming Fundraise Has Officially Reached $28 Million

Crypto Daily (1 hour ago)

UniX Gaming want to thank all their early supporters and investors for the amazing achievements they have made so far. They have extremely well-chosen partners on board who can create a more accessible space and share a long-term vision to conquer the Metaverse industry together as a strong allia... (Read More...)

Bancor DAO Unveils Bancor V3 Features

BTCManager (2 hours ago)

The Bancor (BNT) team has released the features of Bancor V3, the third iteration of the Bancor decentralized exchange and automated market maker. Bancor V3 comes with instant impermanent loss protection, better capital efficiency, automatic rewards compounding, and more, according to the Bancor ... (Read More...)

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