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bitcoin gold  (BTG)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
$59.77 2.1%
0.00153707 BTC 5.9%
16,942 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$54.60 / $61.69
Circulating Supply
17,513,924 / 21,000,000

Bitcoin Gold HKD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-17 HK$7,429,028,983 HK$108,339,515 HK$424.45 N/A
2021-06-16 HK$8,020,018,900 HK$257,876,877 HK$464.22 HK$424.45
2021-06-15 HK$8,308,537,125 HK$551,753,369 HK$475.90 HK$464.22
2021-06-14 HK$8,169,882,249 HK$452,135,354 HK$467.14 HK$475.90
2021-06-13 HK$7,806,205,388 HK$647,760,370 HK$445.71 HK$467.14
2021-06-12 HK$7,850,162,420 HK$293,385,030 HK$448.58 HK$445.71
2021-06-11 HK$9,717,709,362 HK$1,017,701,204 HK$555.00 HK$448.58
2021-06-10 HK$9,506,003,940 HK$8,210,316,782 HK$555.17 HK$555.00
2021-06-09 HK$7,314,035,654 HK$1,085,521,657 HK$418.45 HK$555.17
2021-06-08 HK$7,116,277,372 HK$199,578,166 HK$404.25 HK$418.45
2021-06-07 HK$7,707,573,923 HK$126,125,875 HK$440.08 HK$404.25
2021-06-06 HK$7,468,467,595 HK$82,340,976 HK$427.16 HK$440.08
2021-06-05 HK$7,853,525,513 HK$86,651,912 HK$444.89 HK$427.16
2021-06-04 HK$8,618,386,201 HK$229,675,782 HK$491.74 HK$444.89
2021-06-03 HK$8,266,664,765 HK$164,341,636 HK$472.01 HK$491.74
2021-06-02 HK$7,867,471,025 HK$86,067,158 HK$449.44 HK$472.01
2021-06-01 HK$8,439,336,689 HK$127,290,341 HK$464.57 HK$449.44
2021-05-31 HK$7,734,875,878 HK$112,921,049 HK$441.62 HK$464.57
2021-05-30 HK$7,719,506,571 HK$406,727,677 HK$463.51 HK$441.62
2021-05-29 HK$8,059,655,171 HK$151,292,345 HK$453.44 HK$463.51
2021-05-28 HK$9,035,811,902 HK$145,884,308 HK$516.01 HK$453.44
2021-05-27 HK$9,172,841,539 HK$133,324,980 HK$518.76 HK$516.01
2021-05-26 HK$8,542,199,939 HK$232,447,348 HK$486.67 HK$518.76
2021-05-25 HK$8,665,124,093 HK$775,756,758 HK$506.52 HK$486.67
2021-05-24 HK$6,985,037,583 HK$1,116,368,670 HK$411.62 HK$506.52
2021-05-23 HK$7,519,143,499 HK$188,388,872 HK$429.69 HK$411.62
2021-05-22 HK$8,182,992,405 HK$215,058,046 HK$470.17 HK$429.69
2021-05-21 HK$9,225,721,840 HK$294,096,915 HK$529.76 HK$470.17
2021-05-20 HK$9,157,438,169 HK$1,269,880,561 HK$523.21 HK$529.76
2021-05-19 HK$11,873,094,763 HK$190,688,176 HK$680.43 HK$523.21
2021-05-18 HK$12,675,433,807 HK$1,181,085,212 HK$717.02 HK$680.43
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