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bitcoin hd  (BHD)
Bitcoin HD (BHD)
$1.93 0.9%
0.00004818 BTC 0.5%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$1.91 / $1.98
Circulating Supply
? / 21,000,000

Bitcoin HD HKD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-16 HK$0.000000000000 HK$7,462,242 HK$15.14 N/A
2021-06-15 HK$0.000000000000 HK$8,518,007 HK$15.26 HK$15.14
2021-06-14 HK$0.000000000000 HK$15,891,004 HK$15.23 HK$15.26
2021-06-13 HK$0.000000000000 HK$18,412,765 HK$14.78 HK$15.23
2021-06-12 HK$0.000000000000 HK$7,015,672 HK$14.10 HK$14.78
2021-06-11 HK$0.000000000000 HK$8,269,790 HK$14.80 HK$14.10
2021-06-10 HK$0.000000000000 HK$11,584,607 HK$16.04 HK$14.80
2021-06-09 HK$0.000000000000 HK$10,102,930 HK$14.33 HK$16.04
2021-06-08 HK$0.000000000000 HK$7,965,763 HK$14.82 HK$14.33
2021-06-07 HK$0.000000000000 HK$7,217,725 HK$15.37 HK$14.82
2021-06-06 HK$0.000000000000 HK$8,444,380 HK$15.52 HK$15.37
2021-06-05 HK$0.000000000000 HK$10,023,114 HK$15.71 HK$15.52
2021-06-04 HK$0.000000000000 HK$12,184,141 HK$17.75 HK$15.71
2021-06-03 HK$0.000000000000 HK$9,326,873 HK$16.13 HK$17.75
2021-06-02 HK$0.000000000000 HK$8,176,421 HK$16.19 HK$16.13
2021-06-01 HK$0.000000000000 HK$11,191,927 HK$16.04 HK$16.19
2021-05-31 HK$0.000000000000 HK$11,933,718 HK$16.01 HK$16.04
2021-05-30 HK$0.000000000000 HK$8,181,029 HK$14.95 HK$16.01
2021-05-29 HK$0.000000000000 HK$12,976,788 HK$15.02 HK$14.95
2021-05-28 HK$0.000000000000 HK$12,562,679 HK$16.38 HK$15.02
2021-05-27 HK$0.000000000000 HK$16,156,804 HK$18.25 HK$16.38
2021-05-26 HK$0.000000000000 HK$19,496,682 HK$16.93 HK$18.25
2021-05-25 HK$0.000000000000 HK$28,044,934 HK$17.43 HK$16.93
2021-05-24 HK$0.000000000000 HK$19,432,082 HK$14.79 HK$17.43
2021-05-23 HK$0.000000000000 HK$16,789,419 HK$15.80 HK$14.79
2021-05-22 HK$0.000000000000 HK$21,744,996 HK$16.16 HK$15.80
2021-05-21 HK$0.000000000000 HK$37,167,032 HK$18.84 HK$16.16
2021-05-20 HK$0.000000000000 HK$30,041,385 HK$18.33 HK$18.84
2021-05-19 HK$0.000000000000 HK$28,377,296 HK$26.08 HK$18.33
2021-05-18 HK$0.000000000000 HK$20,019,155 HK$26.66 HK$26.08
2021-05-17 HK$0.000000000000 HK$18,255,110 HK$28.42 HK$26.66
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