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bitcoin hd  (BHD)
Bitcoin HD (BHD)
$2.03 11.0%
0.00005100 BTC 11.5%
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24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $1,440,328
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 21,000,000
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Bitcoin HD LKR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-30 Rs0.000000000000 Rs113,096,198 Rs372.04 N/A
2021-07-29 Rs0.000000000000 Rs49,975,590 Rs361.24 Rs372.04
2021-07-28 Rs0.000000000000 Rs66,081,262 Rs364.51 Rs361.24
2021-07-27 Rs0.000000000000 Rs179,937,197 Rs347.18 Rs364.51
2021-07-26 Rs0.000000000000 Rs433,219,335 Rs362.64 Rs347.18
2021-07-25 Rs0.000000000000 Rs370,570,749 Rs330.43 Rs362.64
2021-07-24 Rs0.000000000000 Rs613,915,134 Rs330.07 Rs330.43
2021-07-23 Rs0.000000000000 Rs85,388,243 Rs300.09 Rs330.07
2021-07-22 Rs0.000000000000 Rs233,644,118 Rs311.38 Rs300.09
2021-07-21 Rs0.000000000000 Rs242,548,317 Rs283.14 Rs311.38
2021-07-20 Rs0.000000000000 Rs203,285,350 Rs309.05 Rs283.14
2021-07-19 Rs0.000000000000 Rs225,626,471 Rs316.29 Rs309.05
2021-07-18 Rs0.000000000000 Rs792,015,760 Rs321.14 Rs316.29
2021-07-17 Rs0.000000000000 Rs183,667,221 Rs310.29 Rs321.14
2021-07-16 Rs0.000000000000 Rs204,145,461 Rs313.97 Rs310.29
2021-07-15 Rs0.000000000000 Rs224,796,977 Rs327.67 Rs313.97
2021-07-14 Rs0.000000000000 Rs199,786,682 Rs327.21 Rs327.67
2021-07-13 Rs0.000000000000 Rs166,062,374 Rs322.05 Rs327.21
2021-07-12 Rs0.000000000000 Rs208,439,757 Rs326.44 Rs322.05
2021-07-11 Rs0.000000000000 Rs244,422,290 Rs329.69 Rs326.44
2021-07-10 Rs0.000000000000 Rs297,855,287 Rs326.19 Rs329.69
2021-07-09 Rs0.000000000000 Rs150,436,014 Rs328.02 Rs326.19
2021-07-08 Rs0.000000000000 Rs129,061,987 Rs340.27 Rs328.02
2021-07-07 Rs0.000000000000 Rs150,637,073 Rs337.05 Rs340.27
2021-07-06 Rs0.000000000000 Rs221,930,996 Rs344.44 Rs337.05
2021-07-05 Rs0.000000000000 Rs102,068,690 Rs370.62 Rs344.44
2021-07-04 Rs0.000000000000 Rs104,064,067 Rs368.64 Rs370.62
2021-07-03 Rs0.000000000000 Rs73,649,665 Rs372.87 Rs368.64
2021-07-02 Rs0.000000000000 Rs162,807,862 Rs375.11 Rs372.87
2021-07-01 Rs0.000000000000 Rs176,214,848 Rs376.51 Rs375.11
2021-06-30 Rs0.000000000000 Rs253,930,002 Rs374.76 Rs376.51
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