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bitwhite  (BTW)
BitWhite (BTW)
$0.00332742 12.3%
0.00000007 BTC 23.8%
212 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.00198971 / $0.00634875
Circulating Supply
64,189,329 / ?

BitWhite ZAR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-23 R3,550,490 R1,067,870 R0.051080 N/A
2021-04-22 R2,469,020 R682,565 R0.062844 R0.051080
2021-04-21 R2,463,404 R392,998 R0.03853598 R0.062844
2021-04-20 R2,293,226 R438,922 R0.03538796 R0.03853598
2021-04-19 R2,318,626 R522,188 R0.03617012 R0.03538796
2021-04-18 R2,524,914 R444,764 R0.03933541 R0.03617012
2021-04-17 R3,689,266 R382,786 R0.04485523 R0.03933541
2021-04-16 R3,539,998 R1,795,517 R0.055068 R0.04485523
2021-04-15 R4,565,819 R1,686,523 R0.070840 R0.055068
2021-04-14 R3,542,227 R1,665,778 R0.055184 R0.070840
2021-04-13 R5,099,155 R894,502 R0.079439 R0.055184
2021-04-12 R5,570,313 R249,442 R0.050809 R0.079439
2021-04-11 R3,805,933 R1,639,723 R0.058525 R0.050809
2021-04-10 R3,232,046 R2,185,147 R0.050446 R0.058525
2021-04-09 R2,590,946 R1,648,477 R0.04036413 R0.050446
2021-04-08 R3,740,956 R1,325,153 R0.055186 R0.04036413
2021-04-07 R3,991,172 R250,048 R0.062178 R0.055186
2021-04-06 R3,263,219 R1,223,886 R0.04979452 R0.062178
2021-04-05 R2,045,450 R668,007 R0.03186588 R0.04979452
2021-04-04 R2,794,750 R392,967 R0.03995074 R0.03186588
2021-04-03 R3,348,774 R588,715 R0.052317 R0.03995074
2021-04-02 R3,143,433 R1,914,577 R0.04929013 R0.052317
2021-04-01 R3,265,254 R1,588,172 R0.050721 R0.04929013
2021-03-31 R3,247,733 R1,763,621 R0.050898 R0.050721
2021-03-30 R2,725,046 R318,555 R0.04270809 R0.050898
2021-03-29 R3,383,770 R455,374 R0.053232 R0.04270809
2021-03-28 R2,753,385 R344,385 R0.04289474 R0.053232
2021-03-27 R2,769,060 R390,004 R0.04306447 R0.04289474
2021-03-26 R2,180,688 R241,062 R0.03230336 R0.04306447
2021-03-25 R3,351,678 R1,343,488 R0.051637 R0.03230336
2021-03-24 R3,297,957 R1,675,966 R0.051705 R0.051637
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