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caica coin  (CICC)
$0.071489943472 -0.8%
0.00000180 BTC -0.6%
73 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $8,241.34
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 300,000,000
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CAICA Coin AED (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-29 DH0.000000000000 DH30,642 DH0.265512 N/A
2021-07-28 DH0.000000000000 DH31,758 DH0.257025 DH0.265512
2021-07-27 DH0.000000000000 DH36,133 DH0.266257 DH0.257025
2021-07-26 DH0.000000000000 DH36,221 DH0.260454 DH0.266257
2021-07-25 DH0.000000000000 DH38,352 DH0.260083 DH0.260454
2021-07-24 DH0.000000000000 DH5,581.67 DH0.252661 DH0.260083
2021-07-23 DH0.000000000000 DH9,119.15 DH0.251783 DH0.252661
2021-07-22 DH0.000000000000 DH6,228.53 DH0.244586 DH0.251783
2021-07-21 DH0.000000000000 DH55,528 DH0.255596 DH0.244586
2021-07-20 DH0.000000000000 DH116,846 DH0.248110 DH0.255596
2021-07-19 DH0.000000000000 DH3,962.75 DH0.265344 DH0.248110
2021-07-18 DH0.000000000000 DH81,955 DH0.279388 DH0.265344
2021-07-17 DH0.000000000000 DH18,973.17 DH0.252054 DH0.279388
2021-07-16 DH0.000000000000 DH11,365.40 DH0.242915 DH0.252054
2021-07-15 DH0.000000000000 DH117,441 DH0.234111 DH0.242915
2021-07-14 DH0.000000000000 DH64,691 DH0.244767 DH0.234111
2021-07-13 DH0.000000000000 DH6,530.88 DH0.259077 DH0.244767
2021-07-12 DH0.000000000000 DH26,771 DH0.264065 DH0.259077
2021-07-11 DH0.000000000000 DH23,801 DH0.273153 DH0.264065
2021-07-10 DH0.000000000000 DH18,988.99 DH0.278340 DH0.273153
2021-07-09 DH0.000000000000 DH119,176 DH0.263976 DH0.278340
2021-07-08 DH0.000000000000 DH240,981 DH0.291979 DH0.263976
2021-07-07 DH0.000000000000 DH11,617.81 DH0.261014 DH0.291979
2021-07-06 DH0.000000000000 DH7,437.06 DH0.256138 DH0.261014
2021-07-05 DH0.000000000000 DH37,305 DH0.260812 DH0.256138
2021-07-04 DH0.000000000000 DH15,973.65 DH0.243758 DH0.260812
2021-07-03 DH0.000000000000 DH31,738 DH0.243924 DH0.243758
2021-07-02 DH0.000000000000 DH23,188 DH0.245571 DH0.243924
2021-07-01 DH0.000000000000 DH114,979 DH0.237142 DH0.245571
2021-06-30 DH0.000000000000 DH71,452 DH0.245868 DH0.237142
2021-06-29 DH0.000000000000 DH47,950 DH0.253860 DH0.245868
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