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caica coin  (CICC)
$0.078728818330 0.2%
0.00000200 BTC 2.3%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.075205360389 / $0.079462051340
Circulating Supply
? / 300,000,000

CAICA Coin ZAR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-17 R0.000000000000 R1,109,282 R1.07 N/A
2021-06-16 R0.000000000000 R1,210,004 R1.09 R1.07
2021-06-15 R0.000000000000 R1,105,335 R1.10 R1.09
2021-06-14 R0.000000000000 R1,223,039 R1.07 R1.10
2021-06-13 R0.000000000000 R1,172,219 R1.03 R1.07
2021-06-12 R0.000000000000 R3,298,881 R1.15 R1.03
2021-06-11 R0.000000000000 R3,244,465 R1.09 R1.15
2021-06-10 R0.000000000000 R1,183,969 R0.995261 R1.09
2021-06-09 R0.000000000000 R943,702 R0.891686 R0.995261
2021-06-08 R0.000000000000 R791,514 R0.895932 R0.891686
2021-06-07 R0.000000000000 R847,622 R0.943385 R0.895932
2021-06-06 R0.000000000000 R998,282 R0.928171 R0.943385
2021-06-05 R0.000000000000 R1,005,401 R0.974751 R0.928171
2021-06-04 R0.000000000000 R1,026,950 R1.02 R0.974751
2021-06-03 R0.000000000000 R1,103,143 R0.949145 R1.02
2021-06-02 R0.000000000000 R1,111,075 R0.957612 R0.949145
2021-06-01 R0.000000000000 R1,124,789 R0.974219 R0.957612
2021-05-31 R0.000000000000 R855,133 R0.938546 R0.974219
2021-05-30 R0.000000000000 R839,171 R0.916104 R0.938546
2021-05-29 R0.000000000000 R934,615 R0.933675 R0.916104
2021-05-28 R0.000000000000 R886,836 R1.01 R0.933675
2021-05-27 R0.000000000000 R1,076,488 R1.01 R1.01
2021-05-26 R0.000000000000 R951,125 R0.944900 R1.01
2021-05-25 R0.000000000000 R1,332,834 R0.948067 R0.944900
2021-05-24 R0.000000000000 R1,799,567 R1.87 R0.948067
2021-05-23 R0.000000000000 R1,794,032 R2.04 R1.87
2021-05-22 R0.000000000000 R1,760,947 R1.95 R2.04
2021-05-21 R0.000000000000 R2,059,778 R2.21 R1.95
2021-05-20 R0.000000000000 R1,309,858 R0.872967 R2.21
2021-05-19 R0.000000000000 R1,561,062 R1.24 R0.872967
2021-05-18 R0.000000000000 R1,709,897 R0.941517 R1.24
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