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Cindicator (Beam Updates)

We've launched Cindicator Edge, a new web app for receiving Hybrid Intelligence indicators. Just connect any Ethereum wallet to unlock up to 12 indicators a week! To receive more indicators in real-time, acquire $CND tokens directly in the app.

Try it out now ➡

Yesterday we published a new analytical report covering crowd sentiment towards #Libra!

Read about the findings and download the full report:

The new monthly competition has just started! Now everyone starts from scratch. Make forecasts every day, get at least 1 point, and receive the rewards in $CND at the end of the month.

Make a forecast now ➡

$CND is now listed on Kyber Network! Read more about it in our blog post:

The new monthly competition has just started! Make regular forecasts in the Cindicator app, get at least 1 point, and claim your share of the motivational pool in $CND at the end of the month. Make a forecast now:

Last year we asked Cindicator analysts to forecast the maximum price of $BTC in 2018. The prize for the most accurate prediction was 1 $BTC. In this post, we summarised the results and announced the winner. Check it out

Which country comes to your mind if you think of the most crypto-friendly one? Singapore, Estonia, Malta. What about South Korea? Our analytical team made a report to examine the Korean market and identify the main trends. Read about the findings and download the full report:

Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform has a new feature! You can now share a link to your personal statistics screen. It’s easier than ever to brag about your ranking and the ratio of correct forecasts!

Recently we’ve announced the series of educational meetups, tackling one of the phenomena of the new economy - uncertainty. Let’s meet and discuss it together in London on December 10. Read more details and register:

Our monthly competition is in full swing! Yet you still have one week to make your forecasts and get a share of the motivational pool in $CND! Make a forecast now:

Today we're excited to announce that Cindicator's analytical products and the Collective Intelligence platform are now fully localised in the Korean language! This is an important step for our extension to this market and we have big plans ahead. Read more about it

Yesterday we’ve distributed a total of 406K CND and 16 ETH to our analysts who made forecasts for crypto and traditional assets in October. Start making forecasts now:

Today, we've released the new version of the Cindicator app for Apple iOS. The main news is that the app is now available in the Korean language.

Hi everyone! We have just released the new website for! 🎉
Some of the key features:
🔹Updated responsive design with new logo;
🔹Improved readability;
🔹Korean language support;
🔹Faster loading time.
Please check it out and tell us what you think! 👉