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delion  (DLN)
Delion (DLN)
$0.004554168169 ?
Last Updated: 2021-07-31 19:34:45 UTC (about 11 hours ago)
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24H Range
Market Cap $325,652
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 71,506,444
Total Supply
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Delion BNB (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-01 BNB900.284 BNB0.30562066 BNB0.00001370 N/A
2021-07-31 BNB620.218 BNB0.61728204 BNB0.00000754 BNB0.00001370
2021-07-30 BNB620.218 BNB0.61728204 BNB0.00000754 BNB0.00000754
2021-07-29 BNB625.801 BNB1.073075 BNB0.00000894 BNB0.00000754
2021-07-28 BNB625.801 BNB1.050739 BNB0.00000875 BNB0.00000894
2021-07-27 BNB625.801 BNB1.050739 BNB0.00000875 BNB0.00000875
2021-07-26 BNB1,051 BNB0.02864716 BNB0.00001487 BNB0.00000875
2021-07-25 BNB1,036 BNB0.00712104 BNB0.00001470 BNB0.00001487
2021-07-24 BNB1,121 BNB0.05851145 BNB0.00001568 BNB0.00001470
2021-07-23 BNB1,094 BNB0.00614286 BNB0.00001535 BNB0.00001568
2021-07-22 BNB560.991 BNB0.07845323 BNB0.00000785 BNB0.00001535
2021-07-21 BNB560.991 BNB0.07845323 BNB0.00000785 BNB0.00000785
2021-07-20 BNB970.534 BNB0.00584570 BNB0.00000869 BNB0.00000785
2021-07-19 BNB970.534 BNB0.00584570 BNB0.00000869 BNB0.00000869
2021-07-18 BNB1,443 BNB0.00013573 BNB0.00001357 BNB0.00000869
2021-07-17 BNB1,443 BNB0.00013573 BNB0.00001357 BNB0.00001357
2021-07-16 BNB1,446 BNB21.045677 BNB0.00002018 BNB0.00001357
2021-07-15 BNB1,446 BNB21.045677 BNB0.00002018 BNB0.00002018
2021-07-11 BNB458.014 BNB0.00603776 BNB0.00000641 BNB0.00002018
2021-07-10 BNB456.791 BNB0.00603858 BNB0.00000641 BNB0.00000641
2021-07-09 BNB456.791 BNB0.00603858 BNB0.00000641 BNB0.00000641
2021-07-08 BNB294.383 BNB0.00001656 BNB0.00000414 BNB0.00000641
2021-07-07 BNB306.287 BNB0.00576139 BNB0.00000427 BNB0.00000414
2021-07-06 BNB324.174 BNB0.49942391 BNB0.00000454 BNB0.00000427
2021-07-05 BNB324.174 BNB0.49942391 BNB0.00000454 BNB0.00000454
2021-07-04 BNB414.694 BNB0.01216000 BNB0.00000579 BNB0.00000454
2021-07-03 BNB420.423 BNB0.03619016 BNB0.00000588 BNB0.00000579
2021-07-02 BNB420.423 BNB0.03619016 BNB0.00000588 BNB0.00000588
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