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delion  (DLN)
Delion (DLN)
$0.001594636150 ?
Last Updated: 2021-08-04 22:00:59 UTC (about 8 hours ago)
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24H Range
Market Cap $114,027
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 71,506,444
Total Supply
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Delion MXN (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-05 MX$2,276,723 MX$0.119475 MX$0.03186003 N/A
2021-08-04 MX$2,192,598 MX$80.68 MX$0.03061090 MX$0.03186003
2021-08-03 MX$5,659,815 MX$273.73 MX$0.078208 MX$0.03061090
2021-08-02 MX$6,527,839 MX$1,772.78 MX$0.091225 MX$0.078208
2021-08-01 MX$5,884,227 MX$2,020.25 MX$0.090545 MX$0.091225
2021-07-31 MX$3,986,862 MX$3,805.35 MX$0.04649184 MX$0.090545
2021-07-30 MX$3,986,862 MX$3,805.35 MX$0.04649184 MX$0.04649184
2021-07-29 MX$3,898,670 MX$6,671.80 MX$0.055570 MX$0.04649184
2021-07-28 MX$3,898,670 MX$6,545.98 MX$0.054522 MX$0.055570
2021-07-27 MX$3,898,670 MX$6,545.98 MX$0.054522 MX$0.054522
2021-07-26 MX$6,398,153 MX$173.43 MX$0.090001 MX$0.054522
2021-07-25 MX$6,318,022 MX$43.34 MX$0.089477 MX$0.090001
2021-07-24 MX$6,507,125 MX$340.85 MX$0.091331 MX$0.089477
2021-07-23 MX$6,510,105 MX$36.45 MX$0.091104 MX$0.091331
2021-07-22 MX$3,013,071 MX$421.37 MX$0.04213705 MX$0.091104
2021-07-21 MX$3,013,071 MX$421.37 MX$0.04213705 MX$0.04213705
2021-07-20 MX$5,826,207 MX$33.30 MX$0.04951961 MX$0.04213705
2021-07-19 MX$5,826,207 MX$33.30 MX$0.04951961 MX$0.04951961
2021-07-18 MX$8,952,965 MX$0.814782 MX$0.081478 MX$0.04951961
2021-07-17 MX$8,952,965 MX$0.814782 MX$0.081478 MX$0.081478
2021-07-16 MX$9,029,954 MX$130,581 MX$0.125205 MX$0.081478
2021-07-15 MX$9,029,954 MX$130,581 MX$0.125205 MX$0.125205
2021-07-11 MX$2,889,330 MX$38.01 MX$0.04034446 MX$0.125205
2021-07-10 MX$2,904,272 MX$38.22 MX$0.04056658 MX$0.04034446
2021-07-09 MX$2,904,272 MX$38.22 MX$0.04056658 MX$0.04056658
2021-07-08 MX$1,952,249 MX$0.108450 MX$0.02711249 MX$0.04056658
2021-07-07 MX$1,957,260 MX$36.92 MX$0.02734487 MX$0.02711249
2021-07-06 MX$1,917,665 MX$2,950.08 MX$0.02681888 MX$0.02734487
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