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electronic pk chain  (EPC)
Electronic PK Chain (EPC)
$0.001663491496 -1.5%
0.00000004 BTC 1.9%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.001606980764 / $0.001698167364
Circulating Supply
? / 500,000,000

Electronic PK Chain AED (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-06-16 DH0.000000000000 DH107,169 DH0.00615513 N/A
2021-06-15 DH0.000000000000 DH122,846 DH0.00635204 DH0.00615513
2021-06-14 DH0.000000000000 DH90,509 DH0.00582467 DH0.00635204
2021-06-13 DH0.000000000000 DH102,104 DH0.00581374 DH0.00582467
2021-06-12 DH0.000000000000 DH103,196 DH0.00579862 DH0.00581374
2021-06-11 DH0.000000000000 DH131,839 DH0.00606539 DH0.00579862
2021-06-10 DH0.000000000000 DH155,907 DH0.00662448 DH0.00606539
2021-06-09 DH0.000000000000 DH117,968 DH0.00612416 DH0.00662448
2021-06-08 DH0.000000000000 DH144,469 DH0.00676879 DH0.00612416
2021-06-07 DH0.000000000000 DH170,553 DH0.00679157 DH0.00676879
2021-06-06 DH0.000000000000 DH211,727 DH0.00615577 DH0.00679157
2021-06-05 DH0.000000000000 DH103,367 DH0.00527473 DH0.00615577
2021-06-04 DH0.000000000000 DH212,585 DH0.00630492 DH0.00527473
2021-06-03 DH0.000000000000 DH89,487 DH0.00535893 DH0.00630492
2021-06-02 DH0.000000000000 DH96,686 DH0.00537022 DH0.00535893
2021-06-01 DH0.000000000000 DH104,739 DH0.00533849 DH0.00537022
2021-05-31 DH0.000000000000 DH90,217 DH0.00551303 DH0.00533849
2021-05-30 DH0.000000000000 DH36,567 DH0.00536427 DH0.00551303
2021-05-29 DH0.000000000000 DH47,117 DH0.00512003 DH0.00536427
2021-05-28 DH0.000000000000 DH121,733 DH0.00569666 DH0.00512003
2021-05-27 DH0.000000000000 DH171,744 DH0.00575058 DH0.00569666
2021-05-26 DH0.000000000000 DH197,711 DH0.00676726 DH0.00575058
2021-05-25 DH0.000000000000 DH273,566 DH0.00640848 DH0.00676726
2021-05-24 DH0.000000000000 DH92,996 DH0.00583771 DH0.00640848
2021-05-23 DH0.000000000000 DH153,496 DH0.00629041 DH0.00583771
2021-05-22 DH0.000000000000 DH175,289 DH0.00701020 DH0.00629041
2021-05-21 DH0.000000000000 DH184,545 DH0.00867097 DH0.00701020
2021-05-20 DH0.000000000000 DH183,391 DH0.00780432 DH0.00867097
2021-05-19 DH0.000000000000 DH204,686 DH0.00863713 DH0.00780432
2021-05-18 DH0.000000000000 DH158,492 DH0.01071244 DH0.00863713
2021-05-17 DH0.000000000000 DH196,368 DH0.00973679 DH0.01071244
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