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electronic pk chain  (EPC)
Electronic PK Chain (EPC)
$0.000934237678 2.8%
0.00000002 BTC 2.6%
97 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $7,904.94
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 500,000,000
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Electronic PK Chain BHD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-29 BD0.000000000000 BD3,373.62 BD0.00033937 N/A
2021-07-28 BD0.000000000000 BD3,916.22 BD0.00035559 BD0.00033937
2021-07-27 BD0.000000000000 BD4,627.18 BD0.00038131 BD0.00035559
2021-07-26 BD0.000000000000 BD2,644.29 BD0.00029960 BD0.00038131
2021-07-25 BD0.000000000000 BD3,572.68 BD0.00032768 BD0.00029960
2021-07-24 BD0.000000000000 BD2,491.02 BD0.00031135 BD0.00032768
2021-07-23 BD0.000000000000 BD2,759.12 BD0.00030620 BD0.00031135
2021-07-22 BD0.000000000000 BD2,648.54 BD0.00031829 BD0.00030620
2021-07-21 BD0.000000000000 BD3,260.66 BD0.00031163 BD0.00031829
2021-07-20 BD0.000000000000 BD2,954.56 BD0.00031784 BD0.00031163
2021-07-19 BD0.000000000000 BD2,969.46 BD0.00033828 BD0.00031784
2021-07-18 BD0.000000000000 BD2,921.49 BD0.00032559 BD0.00033828
2021-07-17 BD0.000000000000 BD5,573.08 BD0.00034869 BD0.00032559
2021-07-16 BD0.000000000000 BD3,109.43 BD0.00033705 BD0.00034869
2021-07-15 BD0.000000000000 BD3,476.49 BD0.00035279 BD0.00033705
2021-07-14 BD0.000000000000 BD3,805.04 BD0.00038053 BD0.00035279
2021-07-13 BD0.000000000000 BD3,395.08 BD0.00040027 BD0.00038053
2021-07-12 BD0.000000000000 BD3,592.73 BD0.00040398 BD0.00040027
2021-07-11 BD0.000000000000 BD3,987.43 BD0.00040383 BD0.00040398
2021-07-10 BD0.000000000000 BD3,894.60 BD0.00041384 BD0.00040383
2021-07-09 BD0.000000000000 BD3,561.00 BD0.00041407 BD0.00041384
2021-07-08 BD0.000000000000 BD3,384.12 BD0.00043593 BD0.00041407
2021-07-07 BD0.000000000000 BD472.73 BD0.00044040 BD0.00043593
2021-07-06 BD0.000000000000 BD4,423.50 BD0.00044932 BD0.00044040
2021-07-05 BD0.000000000000 BD7,287.39 BD0.00044890 BD0.00044932
2021-07-04 BD0.000000000000 BD6,937.27 BD0.00044740 BD0.00044890
2021-07-03 BD0.000000000000 BD7,230.70 BD0.00045081 BD0.00044740
2021-07-02 BD0.000000000000 BD7,829.18 BD0.00045283 BD0.00045081
2021-07-01 BD0.000000000000 BD7,565.86 BD0.00045942 BD0.00045283
2021-06-30 BD0.000000000000 BD8,416.72 BD0.00047472 BD0.00045942
2021-06-29 BD0.000000000000 BD7,331.08 BD0.00044738 BD0.00047472
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