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ergo  (ERG)
Ergo (ERG)
$3.57 2.2%
0.00006312 BTC 1.5%
3,069 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$3.13 / $3.56
Circulating Supply
35,397,825 / 97,739,924

Ergo AUD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-20 A$157,106,593 A$802,030 A$4.43 N/A
2021-04-19 A$164,249,457 A$1,735,012 A$4.65 A$4.43
2021-04-18 A$179,117,723 A$1,567,401 A$5.08 A$4.65
2021-04-17 A$172,661,289 A$1,492,404 A$4.91 A$5.08
2021-04-16 A$166,561,241 A$1,101,791 A$4.74 A$4.91
2021-04-15 A$158,272,500 A$1,186,948 A$4.55 A$4.74
2021-04-14 A$158,479,459 A$1,694,976 A$4.54 A$4.55
2021-04-13 A$134,308,402 A$1,630,410 A$3.83 A$4.54
2021-04-12 A$133,492,066 A$1,843,507 A$3.84 A$3.83
2021-04-11 A$114,062,860 A$798,513 A$3.26 A$3.84
2021-04-10 A$111,003,845 A$244,770 A$3.19 A$3.26
2021-04-09 A$108,121,067 A$529,081 A$3.12 A$3.19
2021-04-08 A$114,035,653 A$1,703,589 A$3.29 A$3.12
2021-04-07 A$111,185,921 A$1,954,775 A$3.17 A$3.29
2021-04-06 A$110,181,192 A$1,519,820 A$3.18 A$3.17
2021-04-05 A$106,677,196 A$1,189,622 A$3.08 A$3.18
2021-04-04 A$108,884,030 A$1,358,157 A$3.15 A$3.08
2021-04-03 A$110,609,898 A$1,562,808 A$3.24 A$3.15
2021-04-02 A$99,811,741 A$1,124,090 A$2.92 A$3.24
2021-04-01 A$105,272,978 A$1,626,205 A$3.06 A$2.92
2021-03-31 A$112,691,148 A$1,284,096 A$3.32 A$3.06
2021-03-30 A$125,502,787 A$1,988,885 A$3.65 A$3.32
2021-03-29 A$126,891,381 A$1,475,618 A$3.70 A$3.65
2021-03-28 A$128,941,489 A$1,443,628 A$3.79 A$3.70
2021-03-27 A$124,586,251 A$1,616,360 A$3.67 A$3.79
2021-03-26 A$108,962,695 A$1,667,218 A$3.18 A$3.67
2021-03-25 A$117,239,807 A$2,177,081 A$3.48 A$3.18
2021-03-24 A$103,880,988 A$1,491,321 A$3.06 A$3.48
2021-03-23 A$93,503,315 A$1,713,890 A$2.73 A$3.06
2021-03-22 A$85,491,755 A$1,302,899 A$2.55 A$2.73
2021-03-21 A$85,919,373 A$1,068,774 A$2.54 A$2.55
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