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ergo  (ERG)
Ergo (ERG)
$2.77 -16.1%
0.00005615 BTC -7.1%
3,131 people like this
Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$2.27 / $3.45
Circulating Supply
35,539,125 / 97,739,924

Ergo LKR (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-23 Rs22,702,267,123 Rs132,205,580 Rs627.13 N/A
2021-04-22 Rs24,086,924,627 Rs91,009,742 Rs654.35 Rs627.13
2021-04-21 Rs24,373,800,452 Rs152,773,510 Rs687.16 Rs654.35
2021-04-20 Rs23,622,407,393 Rs120,606,209 Rs665.91 Rs687.16
2021-04-19 Rs24,502,673,568 Rs258,776,157 Rs693.51 Rs665.91
2021-04-18 Rs27,834,687,959 Rs243,572,380 Rs789.01 Rs693.51
2021-04-17 Rs26,848,704,036 Rs232,067,802 Rs762.82 Rs789.01
2021-04-16 Rs25,946,475,597 Rs171,605,465 Rs737.52 Rs762.82
2021-04-15 Rs24,638,498,888 Rs184,826,623 Rs708.72 Rs737.52
2021-04-14 Rs24,416,220,351 Rs261,280,166 Rs699.18 Rs708.72
2021-04-13 Rs20,652,709,299 Rs250,651,342 Rs588.58 Rs699.18
2021-04-12 Rs20,384,414,846 Rs281,545,717 Rs585.98 Rs588.58
2021-04-11 Rs17,407,220,455 Rs121,861,757 Rs498.07 Rs585.98
2021-04-10 Rs16,956,379,910 Rs37,389,812 Rs487.30 Rs498.07
2021-04-09 Rs16,678,674,631 Rs81,616,499 Rs481.36 Rs487.30
2021-04-08 Rs17,398,598,855 Rs259,969,498 Rs501.52 Rs481.36
2021-04-07 Rs17,042,419,894 Rs299,643,070 Rs485.77 Rs501.52
2021-04-06 Rs16,814,292,008 Rs231,946,688 Rs485.88 Rs485.77
2021-04-05 Rs16,155,519,751 Rs180,163,503 Rs465.86 Rs485.88
2021-04-04 Rs16,481,496,475 Rs205,580,672 Rs477.32 Rs465.86
2021-04-03 Rs16,742,736,623 Rs236,558,202 Rs489.69 Rs477.32
2021-04-02 Rs15,166,907,979 Rs170,837,353 Rs443.43 Rs489.69
2021-04-01 Rs15,943,348,560 Rs246,282,292 Rs463.95 Rs443.43
2021-03-31 Rs17,056,752,435 Rs194,413,022 Rs502.64 Rs463.95
2021-03-30 Rs19,085,156,668 Rs302,449,115 Rs554.35 Rs502.64
2021-03-29 Rs19,283,139,342 Rs224,237,574 Rs561.71 Rs554.35
2021-03-28 Rs19,580,553,261 Rs219,223,666 Rs576.09 Rs561.71
2021-03-27 Rs18,919,183,706 Rs245,454,098 Rs557.36 Rs576.09
2021-03-26 Rs16,420,367,181 Rs251,227,991 Rs479.42 Rs557.36
2021-03-25 Rs17,712,996,569 Rs328,920,905 Rs525.31 Rs479.42
2021-03-24 Rs15,676,480,367 Rs224,944,078 Rs461.48 Rs525.31
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