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esr wallet  (ESR)
ESR Wallet (ESR)
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ESR Wallet BTC (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2020-12-25 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02377467 BTC0.0000005609 N/A
2020-12-24 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.01701624 BTC0.0000003100 BTC0.0000005609
2020-12-23 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02081640 BTC0.0000006500 BTC0.0000003100
2020-12-22 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02245736 BTC0.0000006800 BTC0.0000006500
2020-12-21 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.01820644 BTC0.0000007900 BTC0.0000006800
2020-12-20 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02628415 BTC0.0000009100 BTC0.0000007900
2020-12-19 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02102906 BTC0.0000008500 BTC0.0000009100
2020-12-18 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02721216 BTC0.0000008500 BTC0.0000008500
2020-12-17 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02235542 BTC0.0000008700 BTC0.0000008500
2020-12-16 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.03190936 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.0000008700
2020-12-15 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02795314 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-14 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02796705 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-13 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02796705 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-12 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.00029010 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-11 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.01203042 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-10 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02236164 BTC0.00000101 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-09 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02435552 BTC0.00000102 BTC0.00000101
2020-12-08 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.03172390 BTC0.00000102 BTC0.00000102
2020-12-07 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02542642 BTC0.00000102 BTC0.00000102
2020-12-06 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.01944932 BTC0.00000102 BTC0.00000102
2020-12-05 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02721032 BTC0.00000102 BTC0.00000102
2020-12-04 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02510117 BTC0.00000107 BTC0.00000102
2020-12-03 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02708418 BTC0.00000105 BTC0.00000107
2020-12-02 BTC0.0000000000 BTC0.02027556 BTC0.00000104 BTC0.00000105
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