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groestlcoin  (GRS)
Groestlcoin (GRS)
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Groestlcoin (Beam Updates)

Groestlcoin is now accepted @ SpendBTC !

Buy giftcards for Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Steam with your GRS !

Giftcards available for purchase on:

Groestlcoin is now listed on DynX Exchange !

DynX Exchange is a decentralised crypto asset exchange (DEX) built on the BitShares blockchain.

Try them on:

Bech32 withdrawal support has been implemented on Binance for $GRS . This allows Binance users to withdraw their $GRS directly to their TrustWalletApp or any other wallet which supports Bech32 addresses.

Groestlcoin is now accepted at (@drapiscom) !

Buy premium raw honey, comb honey, beeswax, propolis and bee bread with $GRS from Portugal!

Visit for more info

Groestlcoin is now listed on Neblidex !

Neblidex is an open sourced decentralized cryptocurrency exchange designed for user friendliness.

You can now purchase GRS merchandise @ Bitcoin-Meister and pay with $GRS !

Buy shirts, shorts, mugs, socks, mobile cases, stickers, pillows, hoodies, bags and many more!

More info:

Groestlcoin is now listed on Vertbase !

Vertbase is a simple and secure way to buy/sell GRS with USD, GBP & EURO.

Sign up, verify and purchase GRS in under 5 minutes!

Groestlcoin is now accepted @ Mind Research & Development

Mind Research & Development sells medical & recreational Cannabis products that offers a discreet experience built for portability and convenience.

More info on

Groestlcoin Testnet is now on ARCHOS Safe-T mini !

You can make transactions with Electrum-GRS and Archos Safe-T Mini! Start developing and testing apps/services for GRS.

Testnet faucet:
All our testnet apps:

12,000 GRS Giveaway by Cobo Wallet

Giveaway details:

Groestlcoin is now supported on Cobo wallet !

• Login and Payment Passcodes
• Google Two-Factor Authentication
• Text Notifications
• Cutting-edge Hot-Cold server separation technology
• HSM bank-level security

More info:

Groestlcoin is now on Keepkey!

Keep your GRS safe with Electrum-GRS and Keepkey! The KeepKey device is an all-black sleek design.

Groestlcoin is now on Ledger Nano X !

Keep your GRS safe with Electrum-GRS and Ledger Nano X! The Ledger Nano X offers state-of-the-art security: your private keys are safely isolated inside the device’s certified secure element (CC EAL5+), the same chip used in highly secure applications such as credit cards and passports.

≡ Groestlcoin Development Release ≡ 22nd June 2019 ≡

We are thrilled to announce our latest development updates, payment processor and third-party wallets integration.

Here's our last 3 months of work:

Groestlcoin is now supported on SecuX V20, SecuX W20 and SecuX W10 !

• 3 different models
• Cross-Platform
• Dual Connectivity (Wire and Wireless)
• Embedded military grade Security Element
• 2.8" color touch screen

GRS is now on Blockchair

• QR code scanning feature
• Mempool monitoring
• Search for embedded text data
• Data analysis applying filters and sorting
• Download dumps with historical data
• Track segwit usage
• Explore trends and correlations looking at Charts
• Analyze market trends with Markets & portfolio
• Retrieve raw transactions
• Broadcast transactions
• Track xpubs, ypubs and zpubs

Try it out now:

Groestlcoin is now supported on Nomiddleman Crypto !

• Non Custodial
• Free
• Open Source
• No KYC
• No Registration
• No Usernames
• No Fees
• No Middleman

Download the plugin here:

More info:

Groestlcoin is now supported on Atomic wallet !

• Non Custodial
• Private keys encrypted on user's device
• 40k monthly active users & 150k downloads
• Android, Win, MacOS & Linux
• Atomic Swap
• Built-in Changelly

More info:

Groestlcoin (GRS) is now listed on Bitinka !

Bitinka is the #1 Exchange in Latin America and has opened the following market for GRS: USD/EUR/BTC/ETH/XRP

GRS has been integrated on CycleBit !
With Cyclebit POS terminals you accept and pay with GRS anywhere: in-store, online or on-the-go.
130 coffee houses in Spain already accept GRS using Cyclebit POS terminals.
You can also can buy and sell GRS on Cyclebit POS terminals with Mastercard and Visa .
It’s all between the merchant and the customer - no intermediaries, no data sold for marketing.

Groestlcoin has joined the circle of Trust on Trust Wallet !

"Building trust, slowly but surely"

Groestlcoin is now one of the few cryptocurrencies used as a payment method on Hodlhodl.

Start making global BTC P2P trades without KYC/AML, secured by multisig (P2SH) contracts (you control a key to funds in escrow).

Get started on

Groestlcoin is now supported on Airgap wallet !

Available on iOS and Android, with Airgap you can secure GRS with one secret on an offline device, making your old smartphone your new "hardware wallet".

Take a look at this cool new wallet for GRS !

Groestlcoin has now a KRW pair on Huobi Korea !

Groestlcoin is now listed on Indian DCXtrade exchange with BTC and ETH pairing !