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groestlcoin  (GRS)
Groestlcoin (GRS)
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Groestlcoin (Beam Updates)

Groestlcoin GRS is now listed on decentralized exchange (DEX)!

Trade here:
Trading pairs: GRS + BTC / BTS / ETH / CNY / USD / RUBLE

XBTS Desktop DEX Client:

Groestlcoin GRS is now among the 8 coins on OnePageX exchange, that can be swapped with over 140 cryptocurrencies!

Is fast and easy. Try it yourself!

Groestlcoin GRS is now listed on! is a crypto to crypto, wallet to wallet, no-custody, swap exchange service.

Groestlcoin GRS is now supported on ZelCore wallet!

ZelCore is a modern looking multi-asset encrypted wallet, available on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

You can use Changelly or CoinSwitch exchanges to buy Groestlcoin GRS directly from your ZelCore wallet! Store / Transfer / Trade GRS all inside ZelCore wallet.

Take a look at this cool new wallet for GRS

CryptoBridge DEX has added a new market for Groestlcoin GRS!
Along with BTC market, now you can trade GRS on USDT market!

Groestlcoin GRS will be listed tomorrow on Bit-Z exchange -!

To welcome Groestlcoin, Bit-Z exchange will held a trading competition with a total prize of 50,000 GRS!

Check out all the details:

FLX One is the latest hardware wallet that supports Groestlcoin GRS.

FLX One system has included an intuitive Mobile App (iOS & Android) that allows you to easily use your smartphone to make transactions and manage your Groestlcoin GRS.

More info on

Groestlcoin GRS Testnet is now available for both Trezor One and Trezor T!
Start developing and testing apps/services for GRS.

Here's how you can enable it:
Testnet faucet:
All our testnet apps:

GRSPay and GRSPay Testnet have now Ledger support for GRS. You can receive and make payments with Ledger directly from GRSPay and GRSPay Testnet!

GRSPay is a cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Groestlcoin with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman.

GRSPay Testnet:

Groestlcoin GRS Testnet is now available for Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue! Start developing and testing apps/services for GRS.

Here's how you can enable it:
Testnet faucet:
Check out all our testnet apps:

Groestlcoin GRS has been added to Paytomat payment processor!

Paytomat is designed to be used with merchants costly existing point-of-sale equipment/hardware and is currently being used by over 300 merchants already!

Groestlcoin GRS has been integrated into Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue!

We are very happy to announce that from now on you can safely store your GRS on Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue hardware wallets!

New testnet pool for Groestlcoin! The great ocminer, who runs, is now running a testnet pool for GRS.

As a tribute to our dutch roots, he gave it the name of dutch mini pancakes: Poffertjes.
Join the miners!

Groestlcoin GRS is now available on Magnum Wallet!

Magnum is a multi-currency decentralized web wallet, with great interface and usability. It has a built-in exchange and is airdrop-friendly.

Try it now:

Great news for developers! Now you have everything you need to develop and test apps or services for Groestlcoin GRS. Another big step towards GRS adoption.

Our latest testnet tool is here:
Check out all our testnet apps:

Groestlcoin GRS has been listed on exchange!

Now you can buy GRS directly with USD, EURO, PLN or GBP.
This is another great fiat gateway for GRS adoption.

ELLIPAL is the newest hardware wallet for Groestlcoin GRS! ELLIPAL is a mobile cold wallet that let users store, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. It operates offline, eliminating the potential risk of any hacks.

Keep your GRS safe!

Groestlcoin GRS has been listed on SideShift AI, a rapid coin exchange, where you can swap GRS anonymously.

Try it for yourself. Join the Test Pilot!

Groestlcoin GRS has been added to MCryptoCheckout! is a third-party payment processor for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies for WordPress. Check out these video tutorials to get started! and

Groestlcoin have been kindly added to CryptoCrowns! An online cryptocurrency casino. GRS promo codes have also been provided to get some free GRS! You can find them on their Twitter feed and

Groestlcoin has been added to the Exrates exchange! Offering GRS/BTC, GRS/ETH and GRS/USD markets. Check it out here

Groestlcoin is now available on Coinomi Desktop versions! You can download these versions and use them alongside your mobile wallet if you wish. Find the downloads here:

Groestlcoin has been added to PayByte! Any merchant can now accept Groestlcoin through the platform quickly, easily and securely! Send and receive payments in under 3 seconds!

We are very pleased to announce our 4th development release this year. Groestlcoin Team wanted to end the year with an extra surprise for its community. It's been a fantastic year for bringing mass adoption closer than ever before. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year! Here's to 2019!

Groestlcoin GRS is now listed on StealtheX! You can swap GRS with more than 100 other coins!
It's fast, secure and anonymous.