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harmonycoin  (HMC)
HarmonyCoin (HMC)
$0.000330231693 -2.7%
0.00000001 BTC 1.5%
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24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $0.689025
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 67,130,000,000
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HarmonyCoin DOT (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-02 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00141454 DOT0.00001769 N/A
2021-08-01 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.02058694 DOT0.00002052 DOT0.00001769
2021-07-31 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00179620 DOT0.00002245 DOT0.00002052
2021-07-30 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00892393 DOT0.00002140 DOT0.00002245
2021-07-29 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.15553618 DOT0.00002354 DOT0.00002140
2021-07-28 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.03447639 DOT0.00002298 DOT0.00002354
2021-07-27 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01842970 DOT0.00002265 DOT0.00002298
2021-07-26 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00706289 DOT0.00002508 DOT0.00002265
2021-07-25 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.07249020 DOT0.00002087 DOT0.00002508
2021-07-24 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.05408760 DOT0.00002653 DOT0.00002087
2021-07-23 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.10838971 DOT0.00002558 DOT0.00002653
2021-07-22 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01461113 DOT0.00002435 DOT0.00002558
2021-07-21 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.03539968 DOT0.00002561 DOT0.00002435
2021-07-20 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00116295 DOT0.00002619 DOT0.00002561
2021-07-19 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00116295 DOT0.00002619 DOT0.00002619
2021-07-18 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01562687 DOT0.00002458 DOT0.00002619
2021-07-17 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01884435 DOT0.00002480 DOT0.00002458
2021-07-16 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01749691 DOT0.00002333 DOT0.00002480
2021-07-15 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.05056726 DOT0.00002211 DOT0.00002333
2021-07-14 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.03132646 DOT0.00002107 DOT0.00002211
2021-07-13 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.03157552 DOT0.00002124 DOT0.00002107
2021-07-12 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.05726713 DOT0.00001954 DOT0.00002124
2021-07-11 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01378354 DOT0.00002049 DOT0.00001954
2021-07-10 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.09417073 DOT0.00001905 DOT0.00002049
2021-07-09 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.01580594 DOT0.00002029 DOT0.00001905
2021-07-08 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00327725 DOT0.00001898 DOT0.00002029
2021-07-07 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00035616 DOT0.00002098 DOT0.00001898
2021-07-06 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.00490793 DOT0.00002181 DOT0.00002098
2021-07-05 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.04066471 DOT0.00002195 DOT0.00002181
2021-07-04 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.04066471 DOT0.00002195 DOT0.00002195
2021-07-03 DOT0.000000000000 DOT0.13052193 DOT0.00002246 DOT0.00002195
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